Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers- The major purpose of this home page is to begin the task of making the use of the Internet easier for busy social studies teachers and to encourage the use of the World Wide Web as a tool for learning and teaching.
Project Geosim-A geography quiz game that includes simulations of population growth and demographics.
The Office for Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education- Lists Internet resources for mathematics as well as lesson plans for K-12 math and statistics.
MathMagic on the Web!-MathMagic connects students through the Internet to solve challenging math problems. Interactive!
Revolution to Reconstruction-Text from "An Outline of American History," booklet providing basic historical info.Other articles available from online contributors.
History of the United States-Houses the Historical Text Archive and allows visitors to see and to use historical documents, time lines in U.S. history, as well as special categories for African Americans and Native American History.
Children's Literature-Literature for all grade levels.
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Karen Roby
a Jean Gordon Parent