Arts After Hours Program Arts After Hours (AAH) is an after school program for children to explore, experience and celebrate various art forms. The program is designed to expose children to all the possibilities in the creation of art. Through Arts After Hours (AAH), children have an opportunity at school to celebrate and build a community which is without fear of the arts and artists. The program focus is on all the arts, taught by established artists for our children to embrace the quality of life as they develop into young people. The program believes in respect, freedom, and responsibility in the expression and creation of art for all.

Arts After Hours Information and Fees



Thank you for your generous support in helping to improve the quality of life through arts education for our children. Questions should be directed to Kathy Dejean at 862-5114 Lusher Elementary.

Arts After Hours (AAH) Staff for 2000-2001

Traci Batchelor

Master of Fine Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Teacher Certification

Talented in Visual Arts Teacher, Orleans Parish

Classes offered: Exploration in Mixed Media: clay, silk painting, tie-dye, paper-making, & other media and Visual Art: Mixed Media

Susan Bensinger

Masters of Education

Bachelor of Arts in General Arts and Sciences, Dance Emphasis

Dance Artist/Teacher, Arts Connection, Arts in Education, Orleans Parish

Classes offered: Creative Movement and Ballet

Sue Chosa

Masters of Art Communication

Bachelor of Arts English and Journalism

Owner, graphic design business, Former English and Journalism teacher NOPS

Class Offered: Graphic Design and Publication Arts

Kathy DeJean

Master of Arts in Performance/ Choreography & Analysis/Criticism

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Choreography Design

Dance Artist/Teacher, Arts Connection, Arts in Education, Orleans Parish, Lusher School

Classes Offered: Creative Movement, TAP!, and Dance Technique/Composition

Susan Holman

Master of Fine Arts

Bachelor of Arts

State Certification Visual Arts

Talented in Visual Arts Teacher, Orleans Parish/ Lusher School

Classes Offered: Stained Glass Design, and Plaster Casting Molds

Mark Hughes

Bachelor of Music Education

Music Teacher, Orleans Parish/Lusher School

Classes Offered: Singing, Rhythm, Instrument Play, and Guitar

Anne McLeod

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Special Education Certified

Art/Special Education Teacher, Jefferson Parish- John Ehret High School

Classes Offered: Visual Art: Mixed Media

Amanda Newberry

Bachelor Of Fine Arts in Speech and Drama

Drama Artist/ Teacher, Arts Connection, Arts in Education, Orleans Parish/Lusher School

Classes Offered: Drama/ Acting and Acting Technique/ Methods

Michael Stinkus

Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies

Performer, Recording Artist, Teacher

Class Offered: Drumming! (Latin American Drumming from Cuba, Brazil, and Caribbean)

Daniel W. Sumner

Masters Music Jazz Composition

Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies

Music Teacher, Orleans Parish/Lusher School

Classes Offered: Guitar, Music Technology/Recording, and Chorus/Singing

Stephen Tyler

Bachelor of Arts in English

Free Lance Writer, Producer, Director, and Video Artist

Class Offered: Video Making

Tom Woodin

Masters of Fine Arts

Bachelors of Fine Arts

Teacher--Talented Visual Arts Program, Orleans Parish, New Orleans Public Schools

Class Offered: Adventures in Painting and Drawing