Crescent City Cyclists Online

CCC Online is the interactive online community of the Crescent City Cyclists Bicycle Touring Club, Inc. Since this group is intended to be a CCC membership benefit, it is limited to current members of CCC.

Please e-mail your request to join CCC_Online to For CCC membership verification., please include your full name as well as your e-mail address in your request

CCC Online includes all the bells and whistles available from Yahoo! Groups including a real-time chat room, file sharing area (vault), an area for members to share their favorite websites (links), and a database area for any type of information we want to share. There is also a group calendar area where everyone can post cycling events that they are interested in or planning to attend. You could use this feature to find other members who might be interested in traveling together to out-of-state events. Another Yahoo! Groups feature allows members to create opinion polls to canvass other members on topics of common interest.

The CCC Online is hosted by Yahoo! Groups, a free web-based mailing list service. Yahoo! Groups is advertiser supported so each message posted to this list will contain a brief ad in its footer.

All CCC Online messages will be archived and available for viewing on the Yahoo! Groups website. You may choose to receive all messages posted to CCC Online via e-mail or elect to read them via the eGroups website, in which case you will recieve periodic e-mail reminders when new messages are in the archive.

We hope you enjoy this new Crescent City Cyclists member service.