Activities Extended Day What is Extended Day?

Extended Day is a program designed to meet the developmental needs of middle school students by offering a wide variety of after-school activities at a minimal cost. The students are taught by Lusher teachers. Extended Day meets Monday-Thursday from 3:25-4:25 p.m.

How much does it cost?

The fee for participating in Extended Day is $25.00 per month unless the student qualifies for free or reduced lunch in which case the fee is $20.00. This fee entitles the student to attend up to four classes per week.

How do students get an extended day schedule?

Students pick their own schedule and submit a copy of it to the office. Students may not change their Extended Day schedules without authorization from Mrs. Rochon. they may pick up forms from the office anytime throughout the year. The Extended Day schedule includes all team sports and many extracurricular activities. Arts After Hours provides private lessons in the arts and is a separate program. Please contact Ms. Burke if you are interested in this program.

When do I pay for Extended Day?

Fees for Extended Day are due on the first of each month. Checks are made payable to LUSHER SCHOOL, with the students' name, grade, and Extended Day in the memo section of the check.

What if my child needs to remain at school after 4:25 p.m.?

We also have an Adept Program available. If the student is enrolled in this program, he/she will automatically qualify for Extended Day at no extra cost. Please refer questions concerning cost of this program to Ms. Janice Thompson. Parents will then only make one payment to the Adept Program.

What sports are offered through the Extended Day Program?

Extended Day Includes all team sports and all grade levels may participate. In fall, flag football, girl's volleyball, and cross country are offered. In winter, soccer, girls and boys basketball, and jogging are available. In spring, track and field, bowling, baseball, boy's volleyball, tennis, golf, and girl's softball are offered. Intramurals are offered for flag football, girls volleyball, boy's and girl's basketball, and boy's and girl's track.

Can I change programs later in the school year?

Changes made from Adept to Extended Day or vice versa are done by phone or letter to the office.

What happens when students are dismissed early from school?

When it is necessary to dismiss students early. Extended Day classes will be canceled. There is no Extended Day on Friday. Dismissal is 2:05 p.m., however, ADEPT operates until 6 p.m.


Students in the Extended Day Program are not considered withdrawn unless Mrs. Rochon has received written notification. If there are any questions or concerns, she is available some early mornings and late afternoons. Please call the office at 862-5114 if you need to contact her.

Extended Day Class Schedule

CLASS monday tuesday wednesday thursday
Computer Greenbaum Dover Greenbaum Greenbaum
rm 206 games games games club
Gardening Club       Altman
Homework Center Waddell Adamo Waddell Adamo
7th and 8th rm 109 rm A-1 rm 106 rm A-1
Homework Center Bouie Johnson Johnson Bouie
6th rm C-4 rm C-4 rm C-4 rm C-4
Spirit Club       Bohlke
Newspaper Hebert   Hebert  
  rm B-1   rm B-1  
French   Krzyzek   Krzyzek
rm 201   rm 201   rm 201