Field Trips

Baton Rouge
This year five of the tourism students went to Baton Rouge for a state wide Tourism and Hospitality conference. When we got there we had to sign in and then go to classes. Two of the students won second place in a contest and got scholorships. While we were there we had a wonderful time. We plan to go back next year. Maybe next year someone will win first place, so we can show our silver & blue Tarpon pride.

African American Museum
We the students of Alcee Fortier's Travel and Tourism students visited the museum on a field trip in Fegruary. The field trip showed us pictures and paintings about people such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and about the slavery times. It was very interesting because it taught us a lot of things about Black History.

Davis' Restaurant
Students of the Fortier's Travel and Tourism visited a restaurant called Davis' Restaurant after the field trip to the African American Museum and at the restaurant there was nice food and friendly waiters. The restaurant is owned and operated by Mr. Alphonse Davis's family, he is the Chief Executive Officer (superintendent) over Orleans Parish School System. We had a nice time there also.

Guest Speakers 
Field Trips
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