Jean Gordon Girl Scouts are members of Unit  39.  
Gordon's girls can become scouts in the kindergarten.  The kindergarten scouts are calledd Daisies Girl Scouts.
Girls in the second and third grade are Brownie Girl Scouts
Our Junior Girl  Scouts Troops  consist of 4th & 5th grade girls.
Becoming a Girl Scout at Gordon can be a very rewarding and enriching experience.  For example, Jean Gordon's  Girl Scouts go to Lafon Nursing Home at Xmas, they participate in the SPCA's Xmas function.  They will have a Penny Party in which the proceeds will be donated to the World Friendship Fun
This years theme for the girls is "Girls Involvement in Sports".  Our girls  will attend Tulane Women's Basketball games and visit WDSU TV 6 with Roe Brown.  This is just a sample of the interesting things our children will do as girl scouts.
Created by:
Karen Roby
a Jean Gordon Parent