Guest Speakers

Mr. Alex Patout
Mr. Alex Patout, of Hospitality Hotel-motel Association, takes time out to talk to the travel & tourism students of Alcee Fortier. He speaks on behalf of all hotels & motels all over the United States. The students were fecinated at his witty jokes and friendly speaking. We enjoyed his interpretation of the hotel-motel association.
Ms. Nicole Bajoire, Ms. Sharron Bastain, Mr. Ronald Ayler
Ms. Nicole Bajoire and Ms. Sharron Bastain, of UNO Tourism & Economics along with Alcee Fortier's assistent principal attended the Development of Hospitality Initiative at the Radisson Hotel. Of course, Mr. Ayler with his great speaking voice, spoke on behalf of Alcee Fortier's Travel & Tourism Academy. It was fun learning experience for all of us. The Travel & Tourism Academy was honored that Mr. Ayler represented us at the banquet. We awarded him with a certificate and of course for being a great guy.
Ms. Dianna Clark
Ms. Dianna Clark, of Delgado Community College Hospitality, spoke at the hospitality banquet at the Marriot Hotel. She's a really nice person. She's a great guest speaker. We had fun with her. We enjoyed her company.
Guest Speakers 
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