About Lusher Student Guidelines
Lusher Student Guidelines
  1. Project Pride
  2. Dress Code
  3. Report Cards
  4. Progress Reports
  5. Gold Cards
  6. Superintendent's Awards
  7. Parent/Teacher Conferences
  8. Attendance
  9. Tardiness Policy
  10. Grading Scale
  11. Discipline
  12. Homework

1) Project Pride

Lusher Uses an incentive approach to encourage appropriate behavior. The basic tenets of the program are:
  1. Be kind.
  2. Respect people and property.
  3. Be responsible
  4. Do your best work.
Students who successfully follow these rules receive Project Pride recognition each week by classroom teachers. School-wide "Big Events" are scheduled periodically to recognize the students who consistently practice Project Pride. 

2) Dress Code

Proper attire is to be worn to school by all students to foster the best environment for learning. To ensure that students observe basic rules of personal hygiene and dress in a manner that would not disrupt the educational process, the following dress code shall apply:


  1. Beards and mustaches must be neatly trimmed. Moderate hair styles are permitted. Students are prohibited from wearing hair curlers or other grooming aids or implements.
  2. Students shall not wear suggestive or revealing attire that would divert attention from the learning process or lead to a student's being insulted, assaulted or approached indecently.
  3. Earrings may not be worn by male students.
  4. All students must wear gym shorts and shirts for physical education class (and only for physical education class).
  5. Caps, hats and sunglasses are not be worn in the school building.
  6. No short skirts or short shorts (2 inches above the knee limit).
  7. Make up and leggings are not permitted.
  8. Shoes without backs are not permissible. This includes slippers, shower thongs and footwear judged by the principal as inappropriate for school.
  9. Shirts or blouses tied at the midriff, clothing not properly fastened, or any item of clothing with a bare midriff is not to be worn.
  10. Clothing with holes is prohibited (designed that way or not).
  11. Long hair on boys must be worn in a ponytail.
  12. Clothing, jewelry, buttons, patches or nay other items with words, phrases, symbols, pictures, or signs, which use indecent, profane, gang related or suggestive words, or are drug or alcohol related, are not to be worn.
  13. For the health and safety of all students, ornate and/or expensive jewelry, such as medallions and gold chains, are not to be worn by students while on School Board property or at school- sponsored activities.
In general, all clothing for school should be worn neat, clean, comfortable (not too tight) and appropriate for school. Research has shown that there is a distinct relationship between students' dress and their classroom behavior, attitude and achievement. 

3) Report Cards

Report cards are issued four times a year. Parents pick up report cards at the main office. Teachers are available for conferences in their classrooms. Fourth quarter report cards are mailed home. 

4) Progress Reports

In an effort to keep parents informed and lines of communication open, students are issued progress reports at mid-quarter. This information will alert parents to any problems students may be experiencing during the grading period. 

5) Gold Cards

Students must have a grade-point average of 3.75 in promotional subjects in order to be eligible for a gold card. 

6) Superintendent's Awards

Lusher students who maintain a 3.75 average for 3 quarters will be eligible to receive the Superintendent's award. 

7) Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parents may request a conference with their child's teachers during their planning period by calling the office and leaving a message and a return phone number. 

8) Attendance

At Lusher we believe that regular and punctual attendance is a key factor in the achievement of academic success. Absences cause a loss of continuity in the daily learning process. It is impossible to recreate the learning activities which go on in a classroom, although individual assignments can often be completed at a later date. Absence from school can become overwhelming to a student who must attempt to make up missed work and to keep up with current work at the same time. The State of Louisiana Compulsory Attendance Law mandates that students cannot be absent more than 16 unexcused days. Any student who misses more than 16 unexcused days can be retained. Continued attendance at Lusher Extension requires compliance with this policy.
Procedure for Excused Absences:
  1. When a student is ill the office should be notified by the parent by telephone. Please call in each day of the absence unless it is clear in the first call that the student will not return for a certain period. Lengthy illness and the request for home assignments should be directed to the student advisor.
  2. When we do not hear from home, we will call parents at home and work numbers on each day of the student's absence.
  3. If a student is absent for fewer than 5 consecutive days, a note to the student's homeroom teacher stating the reason for the absence is necessary when the student returns to class. If a student is out sick for 5 or more consecutive days, a doctor's note must be presented before the student is readmitted.
  4. The homeroom teacher will give the student an admit slip for their teachers to sign.

9) Tardiness Policy

At the beginning of the day
  1. Students are tardy to school after 8:30 a.m. at the Extension and 8:45 at Willow St.. Homeroom teachers are to record students tardy on the homeroom Attendance Sheet.
  2. The following discipline procedure will be used for tardy students per nine weeks period.
During the day:
  1. Tardiness should be handled by the classroom teachers.
  2. Should a student begin to be tardy regularly, teachers are directed to refer students to the student advisor for disciplinary action.
  3. After first period, students should report to the office for a tardy pass. Students report directly to homeroom teachers when tardy as long as first period has not ended.

10) Grading Scale

The following grading scale is used: A = 93-100 B = 85-92 C = 75-84 D = 70-74 F = 69 or below 

11) Discipline

Lusher's discipline program encourages cooperation between home and school and follows the Discipline and Dress Code of the New Orleans Public Schools. In the event of the need for disciplinary action, any of the following steps may be taken: a note to parents, a telephone call, a parent conference, a student detention after school, a conference with the principal or student suspension. Parents are responsible for their child's behavior. Parents are strongly encouraged to make sure their children know and understand the school rules. Parent-teacher cooperation results in the best possible learning environment for all children. In order to re-enroll at Lusher School, a student must demonstrate acceptable behavior. 

12) Homework

All teachers at Lusher assign homework. Homework is an important part of the learning process. It enriches the curriculum and encourages pupil responsibility. Students should be sure homework is completed neatly and correctly. Individual teachers generally send home information at the beginning of the school year regarding his/her own homework policy guidelines.