The Academy of Hospitality, Travel and Tourism is an innovative "school-within-a-school" located at Alcee Fortier Senior High School, which introduces students to careers in the travel and hospitality industry. Key components of the program include:
  • nurturing environment
  • specialized curriculum
  • extracurricular activities
  • paid summer internships

Many Orleans Parish School students have not traveled beyond the city, but dreams of cruises and exotic travel have propelled sophmores and juniors into an innovative experience.

The Academy of Hospitality, Travel and Tourism, the only such venture in Orleans Parish Schools, and one of only two in the state of Louisiana, offers students at Alcee Fortier Senior High School a three-year opportunity to delve into the work of hotel management, tours, travel planning, ticketing and reservations.

The Alcee Fortier Senior High Academy, launched in the fall of 1995, facilities the plans of students who want to work in the hospitality and travel industry. The academy has approximately 50 sophmores and juniors. This number will increase substantially next semester, due to an increased enrollment of sophmores, who will become part of the Academy.

Practical experience offers students a glimpse into a booming industry and gives them skills that reach across professions:

  • interviewing
  • resume-writing
  • dressing professionally
Academy students must "dress for success" once a month.

It is no coincidence that the academy is located in New Orleans, where the hospitality, travel and tourism industry, is among the city's largest employers, providing thousands of jobs.

THe program provides a comprehensive education in fields where the demand for qualified workers is expected to remain high. Students take specialized classes, which have been developed in cooperation with industry experts, and at least one course at a local college. This school-based learning is supplemented with field trips, job-shadowing experiences, personal mentors who work in the field, and guaranteed paid summer internships in the industry.

Corporate support provides mentors, guest speakers, summer internships and financial assistance to the program and to the students seeking scholorship grants. The business community also provides advisory board members, whose guidance is crucial to the development of curriculum and programming. In return, the academy provides an outgoing supply of qualified workers.

The academy staff consist of Ms. Cecil Mitchell, coordinator; Ms. Winifred A. Wallace, Social Studies; Ms. Yvonne Picou, English; under the supervision of Ms. Marilyn DeGrasse, Vocational Education Program Specialist.

Guest Speakers 
Field Trips
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