CCC RideHotline
(504) 276-2601

If you are, or will be, visiting The Crescent City and would like to know what rides are scheduled for the upcoming weekend, call the CCC Ride Hotline. The hotline is a computer voicemail system that is updated at least weekly and whenever shedule changes or updates occur. The Hotline currently offers eight menu options:
1) This Saturday's City Ride
2) This Saturday's Country Ride
3) This Sunday's City Ride
4) This Sunday's Country Ride
5) Upcoming Meetings and Special Events
6) Other upcoming cycling events (non-CCC)
7) Request a CCC membership application via mail
8) Leave a message for the CCC Board of Directors

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions pertaining to the CCC Ride Hotline or any other club operations, please use option 8 on the Hotline. Your message will be delivered to the Board at the next monthly Board Meeting. If you live in or near New Orleans and would like to become a member of the CCC you can call the Hotline and leave a message requesting an application be mailed to you. You can also print out the on-line membership application and mail it in with your dues.