• The Academy of Travel & Tourism (AOTT) programs are a partnership between the school district and the private sector. Each program has a Advisory Board comprised of representatives of the various segments of the industry as well as school representatives and college partners.
  • An industry validated curriculum was developed by the National Academy Foundation which is infused into the approved curriculum of the school in English, Social Studies, Computer Applications and Business Courses. All students are also required to participate in a paid internship program, usually in the summer between their junior and senior year. At graduation they receive a separate AOTT certificate as well as their high school diploma.
  • All teachers are accredited high school teachers selected by the principal of the designated high school to be an AOTT program member. Teachers and their respective AOTT Director attend the National Academy Foundation Annual Institute for Staff Development held every July. In addition, Directors are required to attend the NAF Fall and Spring Directors meetings for additional professional development. All NAF meetings are held in cities where a NAF Academy is located.
  • Established in 1987, there are presently programs in 49 high schools in 31 cities and 18 states. The programs have an enrollment of approximately 2500 students, mainly in the 11th and 12th grades, and approximately 90% go on to community colleges or four year universities such as Cornell, Florida International University, Johnson and Wales, etc.
  • The National Academy Foundation (NAF) is a non-for-profit foundation established in 1989. Major corporate contributors include: American Express Company, The Travelers Group, and Fannie Mae Corporation.
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