Important Message for Friends and Clients
of the Greater New Orleans Free-Net

The Greater New Orleans Free-Net has Closed Down

The Greater New Orleans Free-Net has terminated all of its business activities and has closed down. HOWEVER, WE HAVE ARRANGED FOR THE CONTINUATION OF THE HOSTING OF EXISTING WEB SITES.

Transfer of Web Sites

Ownership of the Internet domain name WWW.GNOFN.ORG has been transferred from the Greater New Orleans Free-Net to an organization named GNOFN, L.L.C.

GNOFN, L.L.C. is not affiliated with, or part of the Greater New Orleans Free-Net, but is an organization with former Free-Net staff, volunteers, and consultants who understand the value that Greater New Orleans Free-Net web site hosting has provided to the community and wish to continue the hosting service. 

GNOFN L.L.C. has agreed to continue hosting existing websites on a best efforts basis at WWW.GNOFN.ORG. 

Website Clients 

All websites hosted by the Greater New Orleans Free-Net as of December 31, 2000 are continued, and no ID's or passwords have been changed. There was a temporary service outage while the web hosting equipment was relocated, but all services have been restored. 

If you DO NOT want your website hosted by GNOFN, L.L.C., you can request that your website account be deleted and your web site removed from WWW.GNOFN.ORG by sending an e-mail to In the e-mail you will need to identify your account and organization name, and state that you want your website account removed. If you need to copy your website files to another computer, you must do so yourself, before requesting that your web site account be deleted.

Farewell to Clients, Friends, and Partners

Over the past six years, the Free-Net has played an important role in launching the use of Internet technology in schools, community groups, government groups, and businesses in the New Orleans area.  We wish to thank our clients, partners, staff, and volunteers for support and participation in this pioneering organization. 

We know that for many of you, the Free-Net was the first and often the only affordable "on-ramp" to the Information Super Highway. The legacy of the Free-Net will be your continued Internet-powered learning, communicating, and community building activities fostered through Free-Net training classes and services. 

Many thanks and best wishes. 

Mike Hahn
Managing Director
Greater New Orleans Free-Net

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