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Kathleen Riedlinger, Principal
May 26, 2000
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May 26 Last Chess Club Meeting
May 29-June 2 Teacher Appreciation Week-Extension
May 29 Kindergarten Celebration
8th Grade Graduation
May 31 PTSA Meeting-Extension
June 1 Last Day for Lusher After Care
Westbank Bus Meeting
June 2 Last Day for Lusher Morning Care
Last Day of School


A Closing Letter for the 1999-2000 School Year

What an exciting year this has been for the Lusher community! Being named a school of Academic Distinction and having the property at the Willow Street site purchased by the OPSB are only tow of the many things to celebrate about 1999-2000.

As we look ahead to the next year, I'd like to take a moment to thank all of you for your work and support. As always, it has been a privilege to work with the students and families of the Lusher community.

Kathy Riedlinger, Principal


We'd like to thank all the volunteers who make such a difference in our Lusher programs. Without so many cheerful, willing hands, hearts and minds our school wouldn't be the very special place it is. To everyone who gave freely of time, money, and talents, a great big Lusher Lion thanks!


Jonathan Jackson and Ebony Bibbins took the Math 24 Challenge at SUNO on Wednesday, May 24. They represented our fifth graders at the district competition. They did an outstanding job and Lusher is very proud of them!


The Lusher Directory is available for $3 in the offices of both school sites. This little book is a great way to keep in touch with our Lusher community during the summer. Pick one up today!


"Life is the enjoyment of emotion, derived from the past and aimed at the future."

Alfred North Whitehead



May 17 Meeting Summary

The president reported the results of poll votes regarding the Willow street drop-off zone police detail and election of nominating committee chairman. Discussion items included the results of the LEAP test; the Annenberg-Getty foundation grant; the status of the split proposed by the central offices; recommendations from the Policy and Planning Team regarding revision of the By-Laws; appointment of a PTSA /School Board liaison; assessment refund requests; and Principal position staffing or pay supplement.

Action item: the board voted to accept alternate ballots recommended by the nominating team.

Notice: PTSA MEETING at 6:30 ON MAY 31 At Extension

Discussion items may include LEAP test results; construction update; property update; split proposal update; new board plans; August meeting schedule; and Policy and Planning Team recommendations.

Action items contemplated: the board will consider Policy and Planning Team recommendations regarding assessment refund requests; Principal staffing or pay supplement; and assignment to Policy and Planning Team regarding By-Laws revisions.


Supplements Still Available

Limited Number Left

$5.00 for Supplement

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Order Form



Number of Supplements:___

Amount Enclosed*:_________

*Make checks payable to Lusher School and return form to the office or call Susan Locascio at 827-4480.


Meeting in June to Discuss Westbank Bus Service

There will be a meeting on Thursday, June 1, to hear information and discuss the possibility of bus service from Algiers to Lusher schools for the 2000-2001 school year. Terry Shurte from the Lakeview Bus Association will tell us how their association is organized and how we can incorporate an Algiers Bus Association. This would be a non-profit bus service which would be incorporated and run by a Board consisting of a president, a co-president, a secretary and a treasurer.

For more information, please plan to attend the meeting on Thursday, June 1, at 7:00 p.m. The meeting will be held at Woodland Presbyterian Church, 5824 Berkley Drive (corner of Berkley Drive and Woodland Highway), phone (504) 394-7877. This is a business meeting, so please make other arrangements for your children.

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Shop On-Line @ SCHOOLPOP.COM and Lusher Receives a Rebate!

It's that simple! Several of you have already shopped and we have received our first rebate check. It costs nothing extra and you can support your school at the same time. Check out the site and find more than 200 vendors (Barns & Noble, Land's End, Toys R Us, to name a few) who will donate a percentage of the profits to our school. It's the latest in fundraising strategies for the new century!!! You will also see the SCHOOLPOP logo on the Lusher home page:

Go there! Shop! Show your support for your school!

Arts Scene

Lusher Teacher Nationwide Semi-Finalist in President's Art Committee Program

The National Endowment for the Arts and the President's Committee on the Arts has recognized Susan Holman's Art Program as one of 50 exemplary programs for students at risk. This is the second year she has received this nomination which was open to 43 states and the District of Columbia. As a semi-finalist, she will compete with 49 other programs for the President's Award which will be given to 10 of the 50 semi-finalists. The awards will be presented at the White House by Hillary Clinton.

Also, Ms. Holman's sculpture is on display this month in the show Woman Artists--2000 in Covington. The show runs through the month of May at the St. Tammany Art Association at Boston and New Hampshire.

Lusher Kid's Art Featured on City Billboard

Congratulations to our T.A.V. student Sarah Kuczynski whose drawing was chosen as the winner for the New Orleans Advocacy Program Peace Contest. The drawing was transferred to a billboard that is on display at 333 Jefferson Hwy. There were over 1,000 drawings submitted for the contest!

Lusher Dance Troupe Video Tapes Are In!!!

All of the videos are available at the Willow Street office!

Arts After Hours Payments Are Due Now!!!

Please pay any indebtedness at the Willow Street office. Thanks for a great year!!!


Thanks to all the Willow Street kids who enthusiastically let their teachers know just how very special they are! Don't forget, Extension kids, it's your turn to reward those teachers who have done so much for you this year. The Extension will celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week from May 29 through June 2. Lusher teachers rock!

Congratulations to all the kids who earned the CEO's Academic Honors Awards-2000! And a big pat on the back to all the kids who earned Big Event this Quarter, and all year long!


All the fifth graders, their teachers and parents would like to thank Mrs. Susan Locascio and Mrs. Marjorie Esman for all their effort and help in making Sunship Earth a reality this year. Our special thanks also go to Mrs. Sue Brown and her crew at Sunship Earth for teaching us how to appreciate, love and take care of our mother nature. We will cherish the memories of Sunship Earth in our hearts forever!


Over the summer pick up your TV remote and push that power button to OFF. Books... the other channel!!!

Multiple Sclerosis READ-a-thon Readers

We had some big readers this year. During the READ-a-thon Lusher participants read 901 books and raised $3,499. to help those with Multiple Sclerosis. Congratulations!!!!

Our top fundraiser this year was 3rd grader Xan Baird who read 20 books and raised $640. Our top reader was 2nd grader Diallo Spears who read 67 books and raised $525. Wow, that was great work!!!

All prizes for the READ-a-thon have been sent home. Please let Ms. Kahn know if there were any problems.

Library Birthday Club

We want to wish HAPPY July and August BIRTHDAYS to the following members of our birthday club who celebrate over the summer: Helen Farley and Genay Boudouin. Happy Birthday to you both and thanks for being members of our club.


Those of you who ordered magazines through Lusher will begin receiving renewals over the summer. Hold on to those renewals. The Library Magazine Drive will again be held in November, and we want you to renew with Lusher. For us to have a successful Magazine Drive it is important to keep renewing with us and not just ordering new magazines every year. All savings coupons that you receive in the mail can be used when you order through Lusher. Thank you for your support of the Libraries.


The library staff wants to thank the volunteers who were a great help in the library this year. Without Linda Schumacher or Jean Stickney the library might have always been in a state of chaos. With their help we could get all those necessary jobs done. Thanks!


This is the last issue of the Lusher Letter for the 1999-2000 school year. You can send submissions for the first Letter of the 2000-2001 school year throughout the summer to:

Please send attachments in plain ASCII text, or just in the body of the email, and don't bother to format your submission as email formatting generally doesn't translate well to the Letter format and must be removed and reformatted. Thanks to all of you who emailed and saved retyping time every week! A very special thanks to Kurt for all those jokes this year (they weren't all groaners!) and for picking up and delivering the Letter each week, and to Steve and Kurt for cheerfully making Wednesdays 'Guys' Night' so all these words could be processed in peace. Have a safe, healthy, and fun summer! See you next fall!

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Kurt: Dad! Guess how smart I am!

Dad: How smart are you?

Kurt: I'm so bright Mom calls me Sun!


MENUS For May 29-June 2

From now until the end of the school year, lunch will be Specialty of the Day. Please pay any outstanding lunchroom debts immediately.

This Newsletter is Made Possible by the Generosity of the Waldemar S. Nelson Engineering Co.

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