There are many choices for Internet access. There are fee-based Internet service providers and free Internet service providers. As each GNOFN user's needs and preferences may be different, we can not make specific recommendations for which service provider is best for a given individual. Instead, we recommend that you investigate your options using some of the resources listed below, talk to friends or relatives who use various service providers, and make your choice as you would on any other consumer item.

Fee-based accounts (typically around $20/month) usually offer telephone technical support and often other value-added services and should (but don't always) offer more reliable service with fewer busy signals when connecting. There are many locally available fee-based service providers.

Free Internet services generally have no fees or set-up charges, but support their service by displaying an advertising banner which stays in your browser window while you are connected to the Internet. Some free services require that you periodically click on the banner, others do not.

A good guide to the issues involved in selecting a free service can be found at One site that presents these services in a good side-by-side comparison is This last page may take a while to load, but it is worth the wait.

If you don't want or have the time to research free providers, here are a few suggestions..


WWL TV Ch. 4 offers a service called My-Freenet through a business relationship with 1stUp.

You can see their local dial-up numbers here.

One of the better known free service is BlueLight. Kmart Corp., Yahoo, and Spinway are the partners in this business venture. If you have any worries about downloading software all you have to do is go to a Kmart store and pick up a free CD for their service at the checkout line. Most people have no problems with this service, but a few Windows 95 users do. Read this before you install it.

Here are the local dial-up numbers.

NetZero has been in town for a couple of years now. It seems that experienced NetZero users are not hard to find.

Here are the Louisiana Dial-up Numbers.


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