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The New Orleans Zen Temple was founded by Robert Livingston Roshi to provide a place for true Zen practice in New Orleans.

Robert Livingston practiced in Europe for ten years with the great Zen Master, Taisen Deshimaru Roshi. Deshimaru authorized Livingston to teach and asked him to come to the United States to spread the teachings of true Zen. So in 1983, a year after Deshimaru's death, Livingston Roshi came to New Orleans where he has been teaching ever since.

Every day at the New Orleans Zen Temple, members of the New Orleans community practice zazen and samu (work practice) together. Every month sesshin (retreats) are offered as extended periods of time to deepen ones practice.

One may stay at the Temple either on a nightly basis as a guest, or on a monthly basis as a resident. Both guests and residents enjoy a strong gyoji of daily zazen and samu (work practice), while staying actively involved with the community at large.

Living with the Sangha and concentrating fully on the Temple practice, every day can become a deep education for the entire body-mind.

Residents and guests of the New Orleans Zen Temple must do zazen and samu (work practice) every day and attend all sesshin. Residents pay rent or work for their room, meals and practice.

Anyone is welcome to stay as a guests, whether here to see the temple for the first time, or as out-of-town sangha members. Residency training is offered for those who are interested in seriously practicing Zen.

If you are interested in applying, contact the temple.