People at Lusher The Lusher Pride (or the "Thanks a Lot" Page) Thanks to:
Individuals who have donated computer software to Lusher School:
Janice Hertz at Microsoft for the LicensePak of Windows 95

Individuals who have donated computer equipment to Lusher School:
Casey Bass, Rick Boebel, Reese Brewer, Kathy Hunter, Ann and David Mullin, Mr. Murphy, and Richard Thompson

Businesses and Schools who have donated computer equipment and software to Lusher School:
Entergy, Entex, Louisiana State University School of Medicine, Loyola University, Microsoft Corp., Newman School, and Tulane University

All the volunteers who made NetDay possible:
Rick Boebel, Reese Brewer, Del Brown, Paul Bushnell, Steve Domanque, Chris Friend, Julie Hauber, Ray Hoff, Linda Ireland, Elizabeth Kahn, Lynn Koplitz, Barbara Lawson, Joe Locascio, Peter K. Moore, Dipo Mosadomi, Cliff Nunn, Bob Rivard, Richard Thompson, and Graham Smith for loaning some of his equipment.

Thanks also to:

Tom Parry, a Tulane graduate student, for his help with the design and writing of our homepage.

John Higginbotham ('97) and Leon Wade (TAV teacher) for the design of the logo used throughout the Lusher webpages.