You are always welcome to share the wonderful educational experiences we offer at Benjamin Franklin Elementary Math/Science Magnet School. "Beyond Expectations"is our motto.

We have highly motivated students, a dedicated faculty and staff, and cooperative parents working with the principal to create a very unique learning environment. Volunteer parents, Mr. Carl Eyman and Mrs. Nancy Donnes are primarily responsible for the manifestation of "Technovision". Technovision is a term we coined to convey to the public our goals for the past two years. Franklin Elementary has utilized many resources to foster the use of modern technology in our instructional program.

Like many urban school districts, there are not enough funds to support the goals and aspirations of each school. Through parental support we have a functional computer laboratory and this page on "World Wide Web" to store some events that occur on a daily basis. Brett Williams, John Dyer, Zack Angelo, and Mrs. Magaret Brady will be your reporters.

Benjamin Franklin Elementary Math/Science Magnet School has earned the reputation of being a good school as a result of high scores and Standardized Tests. However, we are most greatful for the intangibles that many of the snapshots have captured. When you have read about the activities our students, teacher, and parents are involved in, I hope you will be delighted.


Benjamin Franklin Elementary Mathematics/Science Magnet School was established in 1989 through a federal grant that was procured by Orelans Parish School system. It continues to achieve its original goals by: (1) improving students achievements in mathematics and scients; (2) fostering the utilization of modern technology: (3) maintaining a multi-cultural school setting which prevents ethnic and racial isolation.

Benjamin Franklin Elementray Mathematics/Science Magnet School family has sucessfully created a unique learning environment that is challenging and developmentally appropriate for highly motivated students. A dedicated faculty, administrative staff and parental organization work collaboratively with the school system, business partners and community to provide curricular and extra curricular experiences which actively engage the learner. Students are totally involved in the teaching - learning process. Enrichment programs target self-esteem and character building, communication, and cultural arts.

The core curriculum design facilitates national subject matter standards, cooperative learning, and the development of creative and critical thinking skills. An accelerated learning process which nurtures instructional program in the regular classrooms as well as in the gifted an talented resource classes. Differentiated programs that support gifted and talented students' strengths in academics, visual arts, theater and instrumental music are available for students who qualify.