They are all wild about...

What in the world is WILD Science?

It`s an after-school program just for fifth-graders, all about having fun while learning science. One teacher and 20-25 students from neighborhood public schools visit Audubon Zoo or the Aquarium of the Americas once a week where they participate in hands-on science activites. Each group meets 20 times during the school year for an hour and a half. Teachers learn fun ways to use science in their classrooms and kids discover that science can be much more exciting than what they read in textbooks.

Why are kids so wild about WILD Science?

WILD Science students:meet animals like penguins, sharks, and giraffes face-to-face, conduct exciting and fun science experiments, explore behind-the-scenes areas of the zoo and aquarium, talk to zookeepers, aquarists, and other scientist who care for the animals , and discover what they can do to help preserve wildlife and habitats.

Who benefits from WILD Science?

Teachers, kids, and their families too! Science learning is extended into the home with WILD Science take-home activities for students and parents to work on together. At WILD Science Family Events, parents explore scientific concepts with their children in the inviting environments of the zoo and aquarium.