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Photo Show-and-Tell

by Paula E. Bird

"I use a copy machine to make copies of my old family
ancestor photos and show the photocopies to other
relatives. We identify the people in the photos on
the back of the photocopies, which I then keep in
a file folder labeled 'photos'; I keep the photos
themselves in a protected environment. As the number
of photocopies increases, I store the photocopies in
folders designated by the family line or branch to
which the photo belongs. If a photo qualifies for more
than one family line, I put a photocopy in both family
line folders.

"An added benefit to my asking relatives to identify the
photocopies is that the photos usually prompt some
wonderful stories and memories as well as additional
photographs that I can add to my growing collection."

This tip was excerpted from the August 15, 2002 issue of Family Tree Magazine Newsletter
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