Making Our Way to the Top

By: Traci Amanda Washington

Last year the drama class at Ben Franklin Elementary entered a contest called Panasonic Kids Witness News, which was sponsored by Panasonic who let us borrow camcorders and all the equipment we needed. They sent someone here to help edit the video, but we did the actual video taping with the camcorders. The school that won was able to send one student to the "The Big Apple", New York. The eight of us including Jane Oubre, Katy Weatherly, Elisabeth Frei, Jessica Pizalato, Alicia Grubb, and me Traci Washington along with our teacher Mr. Greg Baber created the video. So every time we had class we worked hard to win that trophy and that trip to New York. We made s lot of errors and missed our lines a few times but we covered it up perfectly. Our teacher was very fussy those last days. We made the deadline, and we all hung in there. Finally, we were finished. We mailed the tape in. We waited eagerly for results. A few weeks later our Drama teacher walked through our classroom door and announced that we won! Everyone was so happy. Alicia Grubb was the student who was sent to New York to represent our school along with our Drama teacher and Alicia's mother. She had a great time and Mr. Baber brought us back each a T-Shirt and a pen. They showed us lots of pictures. This year we will try even harder and enter more categories so more students can be sent out of time. Hopfully this year we will win again!