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9/1/1866 James Corbett "Gentleman Jim" was born September 1, 1866 in San Francisco, California. He was the World Heavyweight boxing champion from September 7, 1892 until March 17, 1897. 9/1/1875 Edgar Rice Burroughs was born September 1, 1875 in Chicago, Illinois. He wrote the "Tarzan" novels. 9/1/1900 Don Wilson was born in Lincoln, Nebraska on September 1, 1900. He was the announcer on the radio program "The Jack Benny Show". 9/1/1946 Barry Gibbs was born in Manchester, England on September 1, 1946. He sang with the group "Bee Gees". *** 9/2/1937 Peter V. Verberroth was born September 2, 1937 in Evenston, Illinois. He was the Commissioner of baseball from October 1984 through 1989. *** 9/3/1783 The Treaty of Paris was signed on September 3, 1783. This treaty ended the Revolutionary War and gained of the the United States of America as an indepen- dent country. 9/3/1905 Carl David Anderson was born September 3, 1905 in New York, New York. He received the 1936 Nobel Prize in physics for his shared discovery of the positron this was the first known particle of anti matter. *** 9/4/1654 Saint Peter Claver died in Cartagena, Colombia on September 4, 1654. His feast day is celebrated September 9. He is the patron saint of missionary work among Negroes. 9/4/1803 Sarah Childress Polk was born September 4, 1803 near Murfreesboro, Tennessee. She married president James Knox Polk January 1, 1824. *** 9/5/1927 Paul Volcker was born September 5, 1928 in Cape May, New Jersey. He was appointed head of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1979. *** 9/6/1766 John Dalton was born September 6, 1766 in Cumberland, England. He developed the atomic theory of matter. 9/6/1860 Jane Addams was born September 6, 1860 in Cederville, Illinois. She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931. 9/6/1892 Sir Edward V. Appleton was born September 6, 1892 in Bradford, England. He won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1947 for his discovery of the layer of the iono- sphere that reflects radio waves. It was later named the Appleton Layer. 9/6/1901 United States president McKenley was as- sassinated at 4:07 PM on September 6, 1901. He was shot by Leon Czolgosz. *** 9/7/1533 Elizabeth I of England was born September 7, 1533 in Greenwich Palace. She was the daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. 9/7/1819 Thomas A. Hendricks was born September 7, 1819 in Zanesville, Ohio. He was the 21st vice president of the United States of America in 1885. He died nine months after taking office. *** 9/8/1380 Saint Bernardino of Siena was born Septem- ber 8, 1380 in Massa Marittima, Italy. He was a great Franciscan preacher. His feast day is celebrated May 20. 9/8/1897 Jimmy Rodgers was born in Mendoza, Missis- sippi on September 8, 1897. He was best known for his rail- road themes in country music. 9/8/1935 Huey Long was assassinated in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on September 8, 1935 by Dr. Carl Weiss. Huey Long was governor of Louisiana and later elected to the United States Senate. 9/8/1940 Frankie Avalon was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 8, 1940. He starred in "How to Stuff a Wild Bikini". This movie was made in 1956. *** 9/9/1850 California was admitted into the United States of America on September 9, 1850 making it the 31st state in the union. 9/9/1861 Sally Louisa Tompkins was born November 9, 1833 in Mathews County, Virginia. She was the only women commissioned in the Confederate Army. She was commissioned a Captain of the Cavalry September 9, 1861 by Jefferson Davis. 9/9/1925 Cliff Robertson was born in La Jolia, California on September 9, 1925. He won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1968 for his roll in "Charly". *** 9/10/1866 Jeppe Aakjaer was born September 10, 1866 he was a Danish poet and novelist. He wrote "Children of Wrath : A Hired Man's Saga", and "Songs of the Rye". 9/10/1929 Arnold Palmer was born in Youngstown, Pennsylvania on September 10, 1929. He was the first professional golfer to earn $1,000,000 in prize money. *** 9/11/1556 Saint Joesph Calasanctius was born Sep- tember 11, 1556 in Peralta, Spain. His feast day is cele- brated August 25. He is the patron saint of Roman Catholic Schools. 9/11/1743 Nicolai Abraham Abildgaard, a renowned Danish painter of the late 18th century, was born September 11, 1743 in Copenhagen, Denmark. 9/11/1862 O. Henry was born September 11, 1862 in Greensboro, North Carolina. O. Henry was the pen name of William Sidney Porter. He wrote many short stories. His most famous short story is "The Gift of the Maji". 9/11/1884 Harvey Fletcher was born September 11, 1884 in Provo, Utah. He headed the research group that first demonstrated sterophonic sound. 9/11/1913 Paul (Bear) Bryant was born September 11, 1913 in Moro Bottom, Arkansas. He was the football coach the football coach at the University of Alabama from 1958 to 1982. *** 9/12/1310 Nicolo Acciaiuoli was born September 10, 1310 in Motegufoni, Italy. He was appointed governor of Bologna and Romagna. 9/12/1818 Richard Gatling was born September 12, 1818 in Maney's Neck, North Carolina. He is the inventor of the machine gun called the Gatlilng Gun, patented in 1862. 9/12/1913 Jesse Owens was born September 12, 1913 in Danville, Alabama. This track star won 4 gold medals in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany. Because he was black Adolf Hitler walked out of the stadium rather then congrat- ulate him. 9/12/1968 John Fitzgerald Kennedy married Jacqueline Lee Bouviere on September 12, 1953. They had two children one boy and one girl. *** 9/13/1851 Walter Reed was born in Belroi, Virginia September 13, 1851. He proved that Yellow Fever was trans- ferred by the bite of the mosquito. 9/13/1944 Jacquelin Bisset was born in Weybridge, England September 13, 1944. She had the female lead in the movie "The Thief Who Came To Dinner" made in 1973. *** 9/14/407 Saint John Chrysostom died September 14, 407 in Tokat, Turkey. His name means "golden mouthed." He was a great preacher. His feast day is September 13. 9/14/1814 Francis Scot Key after witnessing the bombardment of Fort McHenry in Baltimore was so happy to see the United States flag still flying over the fort that he composed a poem "Defence of Fort M'Henry". This poem became the words for the United States National Anthem. *** 9/15/1794 James Madison married Dorthea (Dolly) Payne Todd on September 15, 1794. They had no children. 9/15/1830 The Liverpool and Manchester Railroad, in England, became the first public railroad to use loco- motives to carry both passengers and freight. Until then railroads used horse drawn coaches for passengers. 9/15/1857 William H. Taft was born September 15, 1857 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was the 27th president of the United States of America from 1909 until 1913. 9/15/1890 Agatha Christe was born September 15, 1890 in Devon, England. She authored many detective novels. Hercule Poinot, and Miss Jane Marple were her principle detectives. *** 9/16/1620 The Mayflower set sail from Plymouth, Eng- land carrying the Pilgrims. One hundred three, men women and children arrived at Plymouth, Massachusetts on December 26, 1620. 9/16/1924 Lauren Bacall was born in New York, New York on September 16, 1924. She had the female lead in the western "The Shootist". This picture was John Waynn's last picture. *** 9/17/1923 Hank Williams was born September 17, 1923 in Georgia, Alabama. This country singer sang the hit "Cold, Cold, Heart". 9/17/1931 Anne Bancroft was born September 17, 1931 in New York, New York. She won the 1962 Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in "The Miracle Worker". *** 9/18/1905 Claudette Colbert was born in Paris, France on September 18, 1933. She won the Best Actress Academy Award in 1934 for her performance in "It Happened One Night". 9/18/1905 Greta Garbo was born September 18, 1905 in Stockholm, Sweeden. She received a special Academy Award in 1954 for unforgettable performances. 9/18/1907 Edwin McMillan was born in Redondo Beach, California on September 18, 1907. He shared in the 1951 Nobel Prize for the discovery of the 93rd element Neptunium. 9/18/1933 Robert Blake was born in Nutley, New Jersey on September 18, 1933. He played the part of Baretta in the TV series "Baretta". 9/18/1984 After a perilous flight of 3535 miles Joe W. Kittinger became the first man to fly solo in a balloon across the Atlantic Ocean. The trip started in Caribou, Maine and ended on the Italian Riveria, after 84 hours. The helium filled balloon was ten stories high. *** 9/19/1949 Twiggy (Leslie Homby), was born in London, England September 19, 1949. She is a world famous fashion model. *** 9/20/1878 Upton Sinclair was born September 20, 1878 in Baltimore, Maryland. His novel "The Jungle" about the conditions in the Chicago stock yards lead to the passage of food inspection laws. 9/20/1885 Jelly Roll Morton was born September 20, 1885 in Gulfport, Mississippi. He was one of the original jazz musicians. He claimed to have invented jazz. 9/20/1934 Sophia Loren was born September 20, 1934 in Rome, Italy. She won the 1961 Academy Award for Best Actress in the movie "Two Women". *** 9/21/1788 Margaret Mackall Smith Taylor was born September 21, 1788 in Calvert County, Maryland. She married president Zachary Taylor on June 21, 1810. 9/21/1842 Abdulhamid II was born September 21, 1842 in Istanbul. He was Ottoman Sultan from 1876 to 1909. 9/21/1901 The first oil well in Louisiana began pro- duction on September 21, 1901 in Acadia Parish, Louisiana. *** 9/22/1791 Michael Faraday was born September 22, 1791 in London, England. He experimented with electricity and magnatism. He discovered the pricciple of an electric motor. *** 9/23/1838 Victoria Woodhull was born in Homer, Ohio on September 23, 1838. She was the first women to run for the presidency of the United States of America. She ran on the Equal Rights Party ticket in 1872. 9/23/1930 Ray Charles was born September 23, 1930 in Albany, Georgia. He recorded the hit song "I Cant't Stop Loving You" in 1962. *** 9/24/1896 F. Scott Fitzgerald was born September 24, 1896 in St. Paul, Minnesota. His most famous novel was "The Great Gatsby". *** 9/25/1513 Vasco Balboa a Spanish Conquestador and explorer was the first European to see the Pacific Ocean on September 25, 1513. 9/25/1725 Nicolas-Joesph Cugnot was born September 25, 1725 in Poid, France. He designed and built the first automobile in 1769 it was steam powered. 9/25/1944 Michael Douglas was born September 25, 1944 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He received the 1987 Academy Award for Best Actor in the movie "Wall Street". *** 9/26/1774 Johnny Chapman was born September 26, 1774 in Leominister, Massachusetts. He became the folk legend Johnny Appleseed by planting apple orchards throughout the Middle West. 9/26/1849 Ivan Pavov was born in Ryazan, Russia on September 26, 1849. He is best known for his study of con- ditioned reflex he used dogs in his work. 9/26/1898 George Gershwin was born September 26, 1898 in Brooklyn, New York. This popular composer, composed the opera "Porgy and Bess" in 1935. 9/26/1923 Marty Robbins was born September 26, 1923 in Glendale, Arizona. He received Two Grammy Awards the first for "El Passo", the second for "My Women, My women, My Wife". 9/26/1948 Olivia Newton-John was born in Cambridge, England September 26, 1948. She received the 1974 Grammy Award for "I Honestly Love You". *** 9/27/1696 Saint Alphonsus Liguori was born September 27, 1696 in Marianella, Italy. He is the founder of the Redemptorist Order. His feast day is celebrated August 1. 9/27/1722 Samuel Adams was born September 27, 1722 in Boston, Massachusetts. He helped plan the Boston Tea Party and later was elected governor of Massachusetts. *** 9/28/1909 Al Capp was born in New Haven, Connecticut September 28, 1909. This cartoonist created the comic strip Lil Abner. The town of Dogpatch was the home of Lil Abner, Daisy Mae, Mammy Youkum and many more. 9/28/1916 Peter Finch was born in London, England on September 28, 1916. He received the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1976 for his performance in the movie "Network". 9/28/1934 Brigitte Bardot was born in Paris, France on September 28, 1934. She stared in the movie "And God Created Woman" made in 1957. *** 9/29/1901 Enrico Fermi was born September 29, 1901 in Rome, Italy. He was the director of the first controlled nuclear chain reaction. This made possible the use of atomic power to generate electricity. 9/29/1907 Gene Autry was born in Tioga, Texas on September 29, 1907. This singing cowboy recorded "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer". 9/29/1908 Greer Garson was born September 29, 1908 in County Down, North Ireland. She received the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1942 in the movie "Miss Miniver". *** 9/30/1928 Eliezer "Elie" Wiesel was born in Sighet, Romania September 30, 1928. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986. He has written over twenty-five books on the Holocaust. ***
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