How to Connect to the Free-Net Using HyperTerminal

If you are using Windows 95 and you are a public user of the Greater New Orleans Free-Net, then you will most likely be connecting to the Free-Net using Hyperterminal. Here are the instructions for setting up Hyperterminal and creating a Hyperterminal session for the Free-Net.

As shown in the following image, click on the Start button, Programs, Accessories, and finally click on HyperTerminal.

Finding HyperTerminal in the Start Menu

If you do not see HyperTerminal, then you will have to install it off of your Windows 95 CD or disks. To do so, go to Start, Settings, then Control Panel. Once in Control Panel, double-click on Add/Remove Programs. Click on the Windows Setup tab and then double-click on Communications. Put a check in the box before Hyperterminal and click on OK. Click on OK once again and allow Windows 95 to install HyperTerminal. Windows 95 will prompt you on whether or not you would like to restart your computer. Close and exit all of your programs, then restart your computer. HyperTerminal is now installed.

After you click on HyperTerminal, the following window should appear:

The HyperTerminal Window

Double-click on HyperTrm.exe to continue..

After you click on HyperTrm.exe, the following dialog box should appear asking for a Name and Icon:

Name the Connection | Choose an Icon

Name the connection, GNOFN, and choose any icon that you like. Click on OK to continue...

After you click on OK, a phone dialog box simliar to the one below will appear.

Phone Number Details

Under Country Code, enter United States of America. Under phone number, if you live on the South Shore of New Orleans, enter 529-5576, but if you live on the North Shore of New Orleans, enter 845-9410. Under Connect using:, choose the name of the modem installed on your computer. Click on OK to continue...

Dialing the Free-Net

You have now configured the Free-Net to run on your system. Click on Dial to connect to the Free-Net. Once connected, the system will aks for your login. If you are already a Greater New Orleans Free-Net member, then enter your User ID and password in all lower case letters and no spaces when prompted to. Otherwise, enter "visitor" as the user ID and proceed to register for an account.