Field Trips We Took During the Weather Project

In the fall of '94, 3rd through 6th grade resource classes went on a number of field trips that had to do with the weather. One of the first field trips was to Bayou Savage. The people there told us how the weather affects the plants and animals in the bayou.

The second field trip we went on was to the Kenner Science Center, where they had the weather tracking map posted. When we looked at that map we got an idea of how hard weather tracking can be. Next we went to the Naval Air Station where we split up into groups. We talked to a pilot about flying and we went to the control room. We also looked at the controls and learned more about them. Next we went to the second largest pumping station in the world which is located in New Orleans. The people there explained how the pumping station works and how it keeps the city from floating away.

We also went to The National Weather Service located in Slidell to see the Doppler Radar. We launched a weather balloon there and watched it float away. We also figured out how fast it was going and about how high it would go per minute.

The last field trip we went on was to the Keesler Air Force base in Biloxi to look at the C-130's that fly into hurricanes. These planes take readings and measurments about the hurricane. We also learned how much gas those big planes can carry and how big and strongly built they are.

Written by: John Dyer