Who is CAGNO?

Since 1958, the Cancer Association of Greater New Orleans has been the local leader in the fight against cancer. CAGNO, a non-profit United Way agency, prides itself in protecting and defending the community against cancer through education, outreach, research and assisting needy cancer patients.

CAGNO's patient services program provides vital prescription medications and necessities to cancer patients who would otherwise do without. These include individuals who do not qualify for government assistance and cannot afford medical insurance. These necessities crucial to comfort and recovery include chemo-theraputic agents, antibiotics, anti-nausea and pain relieving medications as well as colostomy supplies, bed pads and other sick room equipment.

CAGNO strongly believes that education is a key tool in lowering cancer incidence and mortality in the greater New Orleans area. By offering a variety of classes in cancer prevention to area schools and businesses, CAGNO is successfully achieving this goal.

Without quality research in to stopping this dreaded disease, we will never find a cure. Twice a year, CAGNO offers research grants to the best and brightest students and PhDs in the greater New Orleans area. Applications for these grants are scrutinized by the top professionals in the field of cancer research to find the most promising and innovative projects.

By supporting CAGNO, you are assuring the continued success of these programs.

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