Sesshin means "to touch the mind," and it is the name given to zazen retreats.
To touch the mind means to return to the normal, original condition of the body-mind.

Every month, the New Orleans Zen Temple offers sesshin (retreats), where participants can dedicate their energies for a period of this concentrated, continuous practice. This practice is an essential complement to daily practice and the best way for the out-of-town sangha to keep in touch with the practice and teaching at the Temple.

A day of sesshin includes the practices of zazen, kinhin (walking practice), ceremony, samu (work practice), and living and eating together at the Temple. Teaching may be given in kusen (oral teaching during zazen), and mondo (question-answer periods). Every month there is a sesshin. See the calendar below and contact the temple if you have questions. Complete the registration page if you would like to attend a sesshin.

*Though beginners may attend a sesshin, if you do not have much experience with zazen, it is recommended that you first attend an introduction.


2002 Sesshin

January 25-26
February 16-17 (Jackson, Mississippi)
March 22-24 (Clarkco State Park, Mississippi)
April 27-28
May 25-26 (Starkville, Mississippi)
June 21-23
July 27-28
August 24-25
September 27-29
October 26-27 (Jackson, Mississippi)
November 23-24
December 27-January 1, 2003