Zazen Shin

Eihei Dogen Zenji

The essential point of the many Buddhas and Patriarchs is actualized by non-thinking and realized by non-opposition.

As it is actualized by non-thinking, this actualization is unconsciously and naturally intimate.

As it is realized by non-opposition, this accomplishment is an unconscious and natural certification.

As it is unconsciously and naturally intimate, this actualization never becomes impure.

As it is an unconscious and natural certification, this accomplishment is never straight nor oblique.

As this intimacy never becomes impure, this intimacy is datsu raku (failing off), never relying on anything.

As this certification is neither straight nor oblique, this certification is striving (that is, the practice of zazen) without purpose.

Clear is the water which penetrates to the bottom of the earth: when the fish swims, it is like the fish (zazen posture, mushotoku).

Wide is the sky which penetrates to the heavens ; when the bird flys, it is like the bird (the wisdom of hishiryo : the essential point).


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