Only Zazen

by Taisen Deshimaru Roshi

Zazen develops respect for the purity in everything, and gives health to your body and your mind.

You can become clear and alive, discoving the value in all things.

All that is still hesitant, unclear, indecisive will dissapear and your concentration will become strong.

You can find the value in that which is different from you, all the things which are exterior, so you will no longer have nothing to reject.

Wisdom will flow from you without hinderance and you will be able to change poison into medicine. Even if you are criticised with harmful words, you will have no need to get angry. Even if you find difficulties on your way, you can surmount them with creativity, spirit and humor. You will be able to confront everything which is disagreable with courage and decision.

You will be able to be fast, lively at the same time your mind will stay calm. You will be able to seize each opportunity for favorable change and harmonize yourself with each situation.

You will be able to be strong and gentle at the same time, adapting yourself to each situation. You will be able to harmonize with others, while maintainting your strong and unshakeable conviction.

You will able to be honest and authentic without speaking or acting in excess. You will have no need to try to make appearances.

(from Étienne's Ganzei)

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