Our Members -- Bread for the World

How Bread for the World May Use Your Contribution:

$6.25/month ($75/year): Provides seven hours of hunger education

$10/month: Provides 10 hours of hunger education

$20/month: Provides 20 hours of hunger education

What Bread for the World Can Do for You:
Through our educational programs we help change attitudes about hunger and poverty. Because many people forget basic civics lessons on how government works, we re-educate the public on the political process.

Bread for the World In Action (from Sr. Jane Remson):
Whenever we give a presentation in a classroom or to an organization, I ask the group to close their eyes and imagine a patriotic scene. Without exception the group responds with: I see a military parade or jets flying in formation. No one has in 20 years of asking this question answered "going into the voting booth to cast my vote. The right to vote is what our country went to war to protect.