Our Members -- Louisiana Coalition for Tax Justice

How The Louisiana Coalition for Tax Justice May Use Your Contribution

$6.25/month ($75/year): Prints 75 fliers for low-income residents fighting corporate tax breaks.

$10/month: Pays for 20 hours of research into unfair tax breaks for polluters.

$20/month: Prints 480 tax justice newsletters for citizens

What the Coalition Does for You:
The Coalition works for a fair tax system for low- and moderate-income working people, which helps support vital public services such as schools, roads, police and fire protection, and decent housing. We have won changes that forced profitable petrochemical corporations and other wealthy entities to pay their fair share of taxes.

A Coalition Success Story:
The Coalition won approval of the "environmental ??record" under Gov.  that caused polluters to pay more taxes if they polluted or did not create good jobs. We also defeated tax holidays for hazardous waste companies such as Rollins and Marine Shale Processors, which freed up scarce state resources for schools and public services.