Our Members -- Fair Housing Action Center

How Fair Housing Action Center May Use Your Contribution

$6.25/month ($75/year): Buys enough fair housing brochures to educate 700 housing consumers about their right to be free from discrimination when competing for housing in the rental, sales, lending, and insurance markets.

$10/month: Pays for intake and/or interviewing of 12 complainants to provide assistance and analysis in determining whether they may have been the victims of unlawful discrimination.

$20/month: Pays for the partial investigation of a housing complaint through the use of "testing," an objective process recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court whereby individuals pose as home seekers and are matched according to all of the relevant characteristics in a housing transaction except for the one factor being tested -- to determine whether people are being treated fairly in the housing marketplace.

What Fair Housing Action Center Does for You:
Seeking to end housing discrimination and create greater housing mobility helps people gain access to home ownership and the tools of economic self-sufficiency -- jobs, schools, and a variety of goods and services.

Fair Housing Action Center Success Story:
The Fair Housing Action Center recently assisted an African American mother of three who works as a police corporal for the state civil service. She has been commended for her role in discovering the Cabildo fire and saving lives in the fire. When she attempted to rent an apartment in Gretna on LaPalco Boulevard, she was turned away. She had been told twice on the phone in the afternoon that apartments were available and invited to come in and put down a deposit. When she visited the apartments the following morning (in her police uniform) she was told there were no apartments available. At the suggestion of her coworker, she called the Fair Housing Action Center and reported the incident. FHAC conducted three tests of the property: first that same afternoon, the second on the following day, and the third on the day after that. In each test, the white tester was told about available apartments and the African American tester was told there were no apartments available. FHAC assisted the complainant and joined her in filing a federal lawsuit which, with the help of cooperating attorneys Logan & Soileau, resulted in a monetary settlement of $65,000 plus affirmative relief to ensure that the apartment does not engage in future discrimination. The complainant commented that she was happy that she stood up for something she believed in and that, with the required monitoring, other people will not have to go through what she went through.