Our Members -- Louisiana Injured Workers Union Education Fund

How the Louisiana Injured Workers Union May Use Your Contribution

$6.25/month ($75/year): Provides six hours of counseling for an injured worker and his family

$10/month: Pays for ten hours of Injured Workers Hot Line and phone bill.

$20/month: Buys training materials for staff and volunteers and trainers to teach counseling techniques.

What the Injured Workers Union Does for Our Community:
We educate the injured worker on his rights within the present Workers Compensation System. We offer a support system for the injured worker and his family, and act as advocates on their behalf.

We furnish information on needed resources such as, help with rent, free or discounted medical clinics and prescriptions, financial counseling, school supplies and uniforms, fellowship and counseling for children of injured workers. We also offer resources for training the injured worker who is able to return to some type of gainful employment.

Our ultimate goal is to educate the public before an injury occurs and to awaken awareness in the public as a whole so that we can all rally to change this system.

An injury to one is an injury to all.  It's us today -- maybe you tomorrow.

An Injured Workers Union Success Story:
We recently acquired a new member who was in the last stages of his Workers Comp. Situation. He was amazed at how much he did not know about the system, how he had taken things for granted and how not knowing facts caused him to be taken advantage of. He realized that if he had known how the system works he could have been in a better position to help himself.

He now understands our quest to educate the public for their own protection as well as raise awareness of our perilous plight through the Workers Compensation maze. He took up our cause and now it is his cause. He is very outspoken on our issues and has called so many radio talk shows that they know who he is before he tells them. He is a great asset to us and is becoming one of greatest organizers.