Our Members -- Louisiana Labor Neighbor Project (LLNP)

How the Louisiana Labor Neighbor Project May Use Your Contribution

$6.25/month ($75/year): Buys staff time to help a community campaign for a stop light at a dangerous intersection.

$10/ month: Helps a community leader from Louisiana meet with Congressional leaders in Washington, D.C., to request more funding for educating low income children.

$20/month: Helps to pay mileage for grassroots leaders to travel to Baton Rouge for a meeting with state officials on improved sewage treatment in the rural River Parishes, to protect wilderness and public health.

What LLNP is Doing for You:
LLNP brings together leaders from churches, communities, and unions in the River Parishes to identify common goals and work together for better public services, a healthy environment, and accountability in government. Our strategy is "people power," neighbors organizing to advocate for their interests.

LLNP In Action:
LLNP has a goal of bringing about a balance between the interests of neighborhoods and industry in the River Parishes. In Ascension Parish, our member groups are working with chemical companies to promote local hiring by plants, and are working in partnership to build a community center. Involved companies include Shell, Borden, BASF, and Vulcan. In St. James Parish, our member group successfully fought to keep a hazardous waste incinerator out of their community.