Our Members -- The Lambda Group

How The Lambda Group May Use Your Contribution

$6.25/month ($75/year): Buys annual subscriptions to three periodicals for the Center’s reference library.

$10/month: Pays for printing and postage for a mailing of resource materials to local educators.

$20/month: Provides a scholarship for a gay youth to attend a national training workshop.

How Lambda is Working for Our Community:
The Lambda Community Center provides a safe space for gay people to meet and interact. Some are struggling with sexual orientation, living in fear, or surviving family rejection. Many want to meet other gay people and find social opportunities other than bars. Lambda also provides a reading and reference library, recorded community information to 1000 callers per month, a bimonthly newsletter, resource materials for educators and youth, weekly and monthly support groups, and a meeting space for other community organizations, Lambda also provides referrals for individual questions on a range of topics such as substance abuse, codependency, child custody, gay parenting, commitment ceremonies, and gay-friendly businesses and professional services.

A Lambda Success Story:
One recent visitor was a man in his 60’s who had gay experiences as a youth. But in keeping with expectations of family and community, he had married, raised children, and been faithful to his wife for decades until her death despite his recurrent sexual feelings for men. An unexpected experience had brought all the suppressed emotions to the surface with such force and feelings of loneliness that on his first visit to the Lambda Center, the man cried for most of an hour. Through the support and camaraderie from participation in Lambda activities, he has gained a new sense of identity and comfort.