Our Members -- Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN)

How LEAN May Use Your Contribution

$6.25/month ($75/year): Provides information for a student on an environmental issue in their community.

$10/month: Buys government accountability concerning an environmental issue in Louisiana.

$20/month: Lowers toxic exposure and increases quality of life for the children in Louisiana.

What LEAN is Doing for Our Community:
For 13 years, LEAN has provided the foundation for building Louisiana's environmental community. Much of this success can be attributed to our reaching out and including under served and under represented populations in our organization and in our efforts.

One of LEAN's greatest strengths is our ability to form intercultural, interracial, and interclass coalitions that extend beyond traditional environmental concerns. Communities and individuals in Louisiana trust our commitment to diversity and united action. These objectives are intrinsic to everything we do, from Board and membership development to programmatic efforts.

LEAN in Action:
At an historic gathering of Louisiana’s environmental community in 1986, participants recognized the need for a statewide organization with the capacity to network individuals and groups together and provide a united voice for protecting Louisiana’s environment. From this meeting, LEAN was born with five founding member groups. Over the past thirteen years, LEAN has grown into an effective statewide, multi-issue, "homegrown" organization. A key reason for LEAN’s effectiveness is that it truly is "homegrown."

LEAN emphasizes developing strong grassroots leadership. We are committed to giving the communities the necessary tools to being about change be it on their local fight and state. We conduct numerous training sessions throughout the year for our member groups. Each training is custom designed to provide members with the tools necessary to organize and improve the quality of life in their community.