Our Members -- Seniors with Power United for Rights (SPUR)

How SPUR May Use Your Contribution

$6.25/month ($75/year):   Pays for SPUR to publish and distribute 1,500 issues of our monthly newsletter. The seniors find the information valuable in keeping them inform about legislation that affects their quality of life, and social activities.

$10/month: Allows SPUR to transport 12 seniors to Baton Rouge.  At least once a year, SPUR rallies their senior members together to travel to the state legislature in order to voice their concerns about legislation that affects senior citizens.

$20/month: Buys entrance into SPUR's Annual Convention for 24 senior members. This forum is the premier SPUR activity of the year. The activity always features a prominent keynote speaker, and lots of information about senior concerns are addressed. SPUR also elects its officers and defines the organization’s goal for the upcoming year. The event gathers together hundreds of seniors from all over the city. The event reinforces the concept that seniors are not second class citizens.

How SPUR Helps Seniors -- and Our Whole Community:
We know that seniors are the foundation upon which our society is built. But too often, bureaucracies forget the immeasurable contributions made by our unsung heroes and heroines. We help seniors find the voice of power that may have been silenced. Through dynamic educational programming and advocacy activities, we help seniors understand the labyrinthine maze of governmental rules and regulations. We know that once a senior understands, they are the best advocates for themselves. We truly believe that Knowledge is Power!

A SPUR Success Story:
A few weeks ago, a 78 year old widow called our office. She was a diabetic and had not been taking her life saving insulin because she was unable to afford the medication on her paltry social security benefits. The woman's spirit had been broken. She shared that she did not understand all the "rigmarole" associated with her Social Security benefits and Medicare coverage. She was so timid in her cry for help. A staff person took her name and phone number and immediately passed the information on to one of our Senior Health Insurance and Information Program (SHIIP) trained Peer Educators. (SHIIP training is provided by the State, and it prepares senior citizens so that they can act as mentors and counselors for other seniors) The peer educator called the woman, asked a few questions and referred the woman to the proper agencies. The widow had Medicare Part A, which pays for hospital stays, and Medicare Part B, which pays for her doctor visits and medical tests. She did not know that she could qualify for Medicaid Benefits, which would pay for her medication. Our Peer Educator made the initial contact with the local Medicaid office and walked the senior through the application process. A couple of weeks later, the woman called our office again. This time her spirits were flying high. She shared with us, over the speaker phone, how helpful the Peer Educator had been in helping her getting the financial assistance she needed to obtain her medication. We all laughed happily when the "young" woman then asked us...."What else do I need to know?"