How Your Agency Can Join With Community Shares

Community Shares of Louisiana is a cooperative venture among 13 non-profit agencies in Louisiana.  If you work for or know of a non-profit that is interested in exploring CSL membership, please call our Coordinator, Janet Reasoner, at 504-269-2086 or e-mail her at

To be considered for CSL membership, an organization must be a 501(c)(3) agency, serve an identifiable community or constituency in Louisiana, be incorporated for at least two years, have an active Board of Directors, follow generally accepted accounting principles, operate all activities in a non-discriminatory manner, not prohibit staff from collective bargaining, not be a United Way agency, and follow other criteria that are set by CSL's Board of Directors.

In addition, all CSL members are expected to contribute to running Community Shares by sitting on our Board, working on committees, participating in evaluations, assisting with access efforts, providing necessary documentation, paying membership dues and fees, working on fundraising campaigns, and other activities outlined in the Standards of Participation.

A full membership packet that outlines the above more specifically and that includes additional information is available from our office.