How Your Contribution Is Used

Community Shares of Louisiana distributes designated contributions directly to the member agency (or agencies) the donor specifies.  Undesignated contributions are split evenly among all 13 members.

CSL does take a 15 percent administrative fee from each contribution that we use to reach out to potential members about the benefits of workplace giving and to educate workplaces on the benefits of expanding their workplace giving campaigns to include CSL.

When you contribute to a CSL member agency, you are helping these organizations create a better community in the following ways:

For $75 ($6.25 a month),

t 65 residents of Lindy's Place can attend eight weeks of one-hour Awareness Workshops

t LEAN can provide information for a student on an environmental issue in their community.

t Fair Housing Action Center can buy enough fair housing brochures to educate 700 housing consumers about their right to be free from discrimination when competing for housing in the rental, sales, lending, and insurance markets..

t The Louisiana Injured Workers Union can provide six hours of counseling for an injured worker and his family

For $120 ($10 a month),

t The Alliance for Affordable Energy can help 60 low-income first-time home buyers participate in a program to make their homes more energy efficient.

t Bread for the World can provide 10 hours of hunger education.

t Hope House can prevent one eviction or operate their free coffeehouse for street people for one week or pay an average month's utility bill for their transitional housing program.

t The ACLU can pay the filing fees for one civil rights lawsuit in Federal court.

For $240 (only $20 a month),

t The Lambda Group can provide a scholarship for a gay youth to attend a national training workshop.

t The Louisiana Coalition for Tax Justice can print 480 tax justice newsletters for citizens

t The Louisiana Health Care Campaign can pay three weeks’ office rent; six months’ office supplies; 500 brochures (printing costs); or publishing costs for one report

t The Louisiana Labor Neighbor Project can pay mileage for grassroots leaders to travel to Baton Rouge for a meeting with state officials on improved sewage treatment in the rural River Parishes, to protect wilderness and public health.

t SPUR can provide transportation to Baton Rouge for 12 seniors to voice their concerns about legislation that affects senior citizens.

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