Our Members

Click on the name of the organization to go to their page outlining how they may use your contribution, what each group is doing for our community, and an example of their work.

Alliance for Affordable Energy
A community-based organization, we work to lower your utility bill, protect your consumer rights, challenge unfair utility practices, make your home more energy efficient and promote a cleaner environment for all Louisiana citizens.
New Orleans Office: 504/525-0778.  Visit the Alliance's web site for more detailed information.

American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Louisiana
Louisiana's foremost advocate of individual rights — freedom of speech, religion, equal protection, and privacy — litigating and educating on issues as embodied in the Bill of Rights. The ACLU-LA defends certain protected groups from discrimination as embodied in laws enacted by Congress or state legislature.
New Orleans Office: 504/522-0617  Visit the ACLU of Louisiana's web site for more detailed information.

Bread for the World of New Orleans
For the last 16 years, Bread for the World has organized people in the New Orleans area who work to alleviate hunger through education, fundraising, and advocacy. The organization works with others to develop community responses to the issues of hunger and poverty.
New Orleans: 504/861-5834

Fair Housing Action Center
A private, non-profit organization that, through education, investigation, and advocacy, helps individuals overcome housing discrimination and obtain housing opportunities without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, or familial status. FHAC works to promote fair competition throughout the housing marketplace, including the rental, sales, lending, and homeowners’ insurance markets.  Visit FHAC's web site for more information.
New Orleans: 504/596-2100

Hope House
A small, faith-based neighborhood center that responds to the hopes and needs of its neighbors with programs, activities and collaborative action, including: emergency assistance; adult education; youth recreation; homeless assistance; and education for justice.
New Orleans: 504/525-2561

The LAMBDA Group
Through outreach, support, educational, and social programs and by operating a Community Center to facilitate those programs, Lambda works to promote the well-being of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people of Baton Rouge and surrounding rural areas and to establish a culture of understanding and tolerance between the gay and heterosexual communities.  Visit LAMBDA's web site for more information.
Baton Rouge: 225/346-0670

Lindy's Place
A transitional housing facility for unaccompanied women who are homeless or at risk for homelessness. Lindy’s Place endeavors to break the cycle of homelessness, unemployment, and poverty by enabling women to become emotionally and economically self-sufficient and contributing members of society.
New Orleans: 504/269-0184

Louisiana Coalition for Tax Justice
The Louisiana Coalition works to bring about economic justice by educating and organizing individuals, groups, and communities In Louisiana to act on issues, including those of tax injustice. The Coalition compiles data, provides technical assistance, and serves as a "watchdog" organization on tax issues that impact economic, social, and environmental needs.
Baton Rouge: 225/343-4521

Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN)
A statewide organization that works to create, maintain, and preserve a cleaner and healthier environment for the inhabitants of Louisiana by fostering cooperation and communication among individuals and organizations to address environmental problems.
Baton Rouge Office: 225/928-1315

Louisiana Health Care Campaign
A coalition of Louisiana citizens working to improve health care in the state, and to address the impact of rising health care prices on families. The Campaign works to provide an effective voice for Louisiana families to create better health care policies, especially for poor and underserved people.
Baton Rouge Office: 225/383-8518

Louisiana Injured Workers Union Education Fund
A statewide organization that promotes the formation of support and advocacy groups for workers who have been hurt on the job and helps injured workers to obtain medical, financial and information resources.
New Orleans Office: 504/945-4500

Louisiana Labor Neighbor Project
This program helps grassroots people organize themselves for social, economic, environmental, and workplace justice by providing technical assistance and leadership training to community groups.
Gonzales: 225/647-5865

Seniors with Power United for Rights (SPUR)
A grassroots community organization of low-income seniors who work for decent housing, prescription drug availability, quality health care, and accessible and affordable transportation for elderly and disabled people.
New Orleans: 504/945-0900