Cabrini High School

Admissions Procedure

Catholic Elementary School Students

  1. Receive application card on or after 11/10/00 from elementary school principal.
  2. Return to the elementary school principal the completed application card on or before 11/16/00 which will then be forwarded with your transcripts to Cabrini.

Non-Catholic Elementary School Students

  1. Call Cabrini High School (483-8699) after 11/10/00 for an application.
  2. Forward application card and complete transcripts (including standardized test scores) by 12/1/00 to Cabrini.

On Application Day January 13, 2000, all applicants will be administered a placement test which is used only for scheduling purposes. Also on this day, each student will be given an appointment to return to Cabrini with her parents for an interview with an administrator or school representative. All students will be notified by mail of the decision regarding their application for admission. Cabrini Homepage Academics Athletics Activities

Date Updated: 15-SEPT-00