Fine Arts

Overall Objectives

The Art program provides students with the opportunity to explore and safely experiment with a variety of media. Developing specific concepts through the use of the media provides students with an avenue for personal expression. This increases the students' sensitivity to visual images so they are better able to make aesthetic choices and create visual forms.

Art Department Faculty

Caroline Argus - Chairperson

Raquel Skillman

Fine Arts Department Course Offerings

Art I

Students work with a wide range of interesting materials including pencil, charcoal, ink, pastels, scratchboard, clay and watercolors. The students actually learn how to draw in class. This includes basic drawing skills, a study of the value scale, perspective drawing and portrait drawing. Students also learn calligraphy, cartooning, pen and ink techniques, scratchboard, color theory and watercolor painting. Prior knowledge of art is not required.

Art II

This course is geared to experienced art students. An in-depth study is undertaken so as to enhance the techniques and skills learned in Art I. Art II students learn advanced drawing techniques. They learn how to paint with acrylics and work with clay. Graphic design and silk screening techniques are also taught. The elements and principles of design are emphasized and are implemented through the use of pencil, charcoal, ink, chalk pastels, and acrylic paint. Researching art-related professions is also required.

Art II Honors

The art honors course is a fast-paced, in-depth study of artistic skills and techniques. The Art II curriculum has been expanded for the students to enable them to develop their portfolios and to enhance their opportunities when applying for art-related scholarships. Art II Honors is designed for serious art students striving for artistic excellence through diligent and consistent effort.

Art III Honors

Students in advanced art concentrate on projects that enhance their portfolio. Scholarship opportunities are actively pursued. Art III students learn clay modeling, graphic design, imaginative drawing, silk screen, 3-dimensional painting, advanced painting techniques, advertising design, and oil painting.

Fine Arts Survey

The focus of this course is to expand the students' knowledge and appreciation for the history of art. Students will study the development of art from earliest cave drawings to modern 20th Century sculpture. Students will come to identify the role art has played in the history of man and develop their critical thinking.

Play Production I

This is a one-half credit course designed to teach the basics of theater focusing on two areas: acting and design. The students learn about technical theater covering set, lights, costume, and make-up. The fundamentals of acting focus on movement, voice, improvisations, and acting methods. The student will be required to prepare a final project either in acting or design.

Play Production II

This course further explores theater focusing on two main areas: stage acting and directing. Students will be expected to complete final projects in each area, enhancing their overall performance ability on stage.

Speech I

This is a course in the fundamentals of public speaking. The basics of writing speeches are strongly stressed. Students will present a variety of speeches including informative, persuasive, and entertainment speeches. At the end of this course, a student should be able to write an original speech to suit almost any occasion. Clarity and correct pronunciation will be stressed.

Speech II

The main focus of this course is argumentation, debate and persuasion.

Yearbook I

Students learn the skills needed to produce the school yearbook. They select and arrange visuals (photographs and drawings), develop unifying themes, and coordinate, compose and organize the text.


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