Business Department

Overall Objectives

The Business Department curriculum is designed to meet the needs of our students by developing their skills and knowledge in the business field. The courses are designed to meet the needs on a personal as well as an academic level. Students are given an opportunity to view the many facets of the business world and how it relates to their lives now and in the future. The student can use the skills taught in the Business courses regardless of what career is chosen.


Department Course Offerings:

Accounting I

The accounting course is designed to develop in each student an understanding of the basic principles, concepts, and procedures of accounting, and to establish a understanding of how the basic principles of accounting can be adapted to personal use.This course is an elective and is offered to Juniors and Seniors.

Accounting II

Emphasis is placed on strengthening what the student has already learned and on broadening her knowledge of the automated accounting process. This course also develops habits of accuracy, independent thinking, neatness, legibility, promptness and thoroughness. The pre-requisite for this course is Accounting I and is offered to Seniors as an elective.

Business Law

Basic principles and concepts of our nation's laws are taught so that students will have the ability to recognize legal problems in situations of everyday living.

Personal Typing

Basic keyboard skills are developed to be used for personal typewriting. This includes mastery of the keyboard and the identification, by name, of all parts used on the typewriter and practical application in basic letter writing, centering, reports, and term papers. This course is an elective offered to Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors.

Computer Application I

This course is a one semester course designed to teach the student basic computer concepts and offer hands-on experience as reinforcement. The course outline includes components of the computer, history of the computer, various software applications including word processing, database management, and spreadsheet. Our computer lab is equipped with IBM-compatible computers. Upon completing this course, the student will be able to perform the most common applications of the microcomputer.

Computer Application II

This one semester course is an elective offered to upperclassmen who have previously taken Computer Applications I. It includes work in more advanced aspects of computers such as DOS, programming in BASIC, advanced word processing, database and spreadsheets. Students who complete this course will be advanced users of the microcomputer.

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