Cabrini High School
Clubs & Extracurriculars

Student Council
An elected body of student government responsible for planning and implementing student activities. Senators must have a 2.3 GPA and be in good standing with the school.

Students offer service to the school in the particular area of recruiting and public relations, and promote a positive atmosphere within the school community.

Art, Craft and Service
Members make simple art/craft projects,bringing them to service project visits.

Art Honor Society
Sponsored by N.A.E.A., the professional organization for art teachers, the club emphasizes outstanding artistic scholarship and service to the school and community through the development of artistic endeavors. Members must have completed a minimum of one semester of art maintaining at least a "B" average, have a good behavioral record, must be recommennded by the art teacher and approved by the principal.

Cabrini Broadcast Service (CBS)
CBS provides information to the student body via close-circuit television.

Cabrini Chorus
Chorus consists of vocal training during club time and one hour practice after school. We invite anyone who plays a musical instrument to join.

Cabrini Investment Club
The investment club is comprised of 15-20 juniors who invest $15-$20 per month and use proven principles of investing and sound evaluation methods to determine which common stocks to purchase. The overall objective is to educate students about the value of saving and investing and to help start a lifetime investment program. Parental involvement as advisors and/or observers is encouraged.

This award-winning squad holds try-outs each year in the spring. It is open to students with a good behavioral record and at least a 2.5 GPA. Students selected provide team support and encourage overall school spirit. Numerous practices are held during the summer and throughout the school year.

Computer Assistants
Student's responsibilities include helping others, hardware and software maintenance, and making computer signs, banners and projects.

Craft Club
Members create project such as needlepoint and cross stitch, which are started during a meeting and finished on their own time.

Crescent Cradle Helpers
Students benefit from experience in assisting with the care of small children
Eclipse Dance Team
Try-outs are held annually in the spring. Those selected represent Cabrini in both spirit and pride. Each participant must maintain a 2.0 G.P.A. and have a good behavioral record. Eclipse performs at games and participates in Mardi Gras parades and other functions.

Drama Club - Les Actrices
Students produce plays; exercising their dramatic and artistic talents by developing organizational and leadership skills, scene design and construction, costume design and construction, lighting design, and make-up artistry.

Excalibur National Science Honor Society
The purpose of the Excalibur N.S.H.S. is to foster excellence in scientific study, the pursuit of scientific knowledge and advancement through technology and research. Membership is by invitation only to students who have maintained a 90 average, or better, in each semester of high school science course work undertaken prior to induction. Active student members must be enrolled in four years of high school science and must maintain a 90 average, or better, in each academic semester in all science classes pursued

French Club "Le Club Francais"
For students with strong interests in French. The club encourages conversational use of French in a relaxed atmosphere and promotes activities which will add to the enjoyment of the language and culture.

Globe Trotters
The Globe Trotters is a multicultural club which provides a forum for discussing the various cultures, customs of the world and cultural awareness school-wide.

Key Club
Membership in this service organization is based on students' willingness to aid their home, school, and community. Fifty service hours are required to maintain active status. Members attend meetings during the activity period, perform service hours after school and on weekends, and must conduct themselves in a manner which reflects the philosophy of the school as well as Key Club International. Students must be able to provide their own transporation, although sometimes transportation is provided. Parental assistance is always welcome.

Lab Assistants
Students' responsibilities include setting up labs, cleaning equipment, keeping inventory of the equipment up to date, culturing specimens and caring for lab organisms.

Literary Circle
This club helps students expand their vocabulary and have fun through reading and discussing books.

Literary Magazine
Provides students experience in editing, organizing, and publishing the school literary magazine L'Envoye.

Mu Alpha Theta
MAO is a Mathematics National Honor Society composed of Seniors and Juniors with a good behavioral record and at least a B average in all Math courses.

National Honor Society
Students become eligible for membership in NHS beginning in their second semester of Sophomore year. Membership requirements include a cumulative GPA of 3.2, a good behavioral record, satisfactory evaluation by the faculty on character and leadership, and membership in a least one club, team, or activity.

Renaissance Club
Student segment of the Renaissance Committee responsible for innovations and new ideas for the Renaissance Program.

Science/ Ecology Club
Promotes interest in Science and Ecology by sponsoring activities, visiting institutions, and contributing to community scientific endeavors. Open to all students.

Spanish Club
Open to all Spanish students with a good attitude, a 2.0 GPA, a good behavioral record, who are interested in experiencing the fun aspects of the Spanish culture. There are a few activities outside of school; no additional mandatory meetings.

Speech Team
Students compete locally at a minimum of ten N.C.F.L.competitions as a group, and five as an individual, to positively promote CHS in a professional manner, to arouse awareness of social issues, and to practice the art form of communication.Some afternoon meetings and weekend work required.

Students Against Drugs and Alcohol (SADA)
The primary focus of SADA is to increase awareness about the dangers of substance abuse through education, service and school wide activities. The club is open to all grade levels.

Student Council Executive Board
An elected body of student government responsible for planning and implementation of student activities. Must have a 2.5 GPA and be a student in good standing with the school.

Travel Club
Members learn an appreciation of traveling and foreign places through slide and video presentations.

True Love Waits
An awareness organization for students who value the virtue of chastity. Members make a personal committment to God to remain chaste until marriage.

Web Site Club
Students who have previously demonstrated computer skills are invited to join. The club meets at least once a month after school to update and create pages for CHS web site

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