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Foreign Language Department

Overall Objectives

The Foreign Language curriculum of Cabrini High School is designed to meet the challenge of communication in a multi-cultural society. Learning a foreign language is a unique and rewarding experience which provides for the students new perspectives and insights into the cultural pluralism of which the student is a part. Language is an important key to understanding and appreciating the cultural heritage and identity of other peoples. The study of other languages strengthens the ties among people of the world and therefore is necessary to the future of our nation in world affairs.


Department Course Offerings: Spanish and French

Courses noted with an asterisk (*) are also offered at the Honors level.

Level 1

This is a beginning, intensive and conversational course in which students are presented with basic conversational patterns and structures in language. Students learn to answer and ask questions of a personalized nature and are able to satisfy basic survival needs and minimum courtesy requirements in language. They also learn to read and write these questions and answers. The skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the foreign language are emphasized.

Level II

Level II provides an in-depth treatment to the phonology and morphology of the foreign language. Mastery of the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are emphasized. The student learns to behave appropriately and sensitively in a second culture and continues to acquaint herself with the living culture of the people who speak Spanish and French, thus enabling her to satisfy some survival needs and some limited social demands.

Level III

The advanced language provides an in-depth treatment of the advanced phonology and morphology. In addition, emphasis will be placed on extended and sustained conversation with mastery of grammatical structures, concepts and a basic vocabulary of 20 00 words. Literary selections in the foreign language are presented.

*Level IV

This course consists of four main sections: (1) the culture of Spanish and French people; (2) a study of the more complex grammar points not covered on the intermediate level; (3) the art of Spanish and French conversation; (4) a general survey of S panish and French literature.

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