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Overall Objectives

The aim of the Theology curriculum at Cabrini High School is to foster the faith development of the young person by providing the knowledge and skills necessary for her to understand and practice her Christian Faith. These course offerings attempt to prepare each student for an increasingly firm, mature commitment to knowing the Faith and living the Christian life in a world filled with tough challenges to Faith.
The Theology program at Cabrini High School includes a wide-range retreat program, monthly school and class Masses, prayer services in the Cabrini Chapel, and opportunities for reconciliation. The Campus Ministry office offers many avenues for student involvement and leadership opportunities. Through diverse religious and/or ministerial events, students are afforded opportunities to grow and mature spiritually. A trained peer ministry team creates, plans, and implements various events in which students share their faith experiences in a safe and peaceful environment. Some of the ways in which students are actively involved include retreats, Archdiocesan events, projects dealing with social justice issues, youth conventions, and many other events.


* Archdiocese of New Orleans, Pontifical Institute of Catechetics and Spirituality

Theology Department Course Offerings:

8th Grade Theology

This course provides young Catholics with the knowledge and skills necessary for them to understand and practice their Catholic faith. This class seeks to help the students:

1.                             Learn the history of the Church

2.                             Learn about the Mass and its different parts

3.                             Learn about Mother Cabrini and her life

4.                             Explore the story of the Bible

The textbook used is What you Should Know About the Mass, by Charlene Altemose, MSC.

Understanding Catholic Christianity - (9th Grade)

This program is geared very closely to the adolescent. A deeper study of the Catholic faith along with a section of the life and works of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini is the focus of the coursework. Major topics which are covered include the following: identity and development, exploring the world of adolescents, culture, values, faith, religion, Jewish roots of Christianity, Jesus’ Resurrection, Pentecost, Scriptures, Tradition, Sacraments, Sacred Seasons, Spirituality and Morality. This course also takes a personal bend through encouraging discussions of the topics, writing personal thoughts, student-led daily prayers, class service projects and class prayer services. Students will also write many prayers of their own throughout the year. The textbook used is Pathways in Catholicism published by Benjamin.

Christology - (10th Grade)

This course is designed to help the students grow in their journey of faith and develop a greater understanding of the life of Jesus. This journey will encompass the historical Jesus - how we learn about Him and his Jewish background, His geographic, social and political world. Discussion will focus on His message, His death and His Resurrection. Finally, students will review the Church's theological teaching of Jesus' role as Savior and Lord. The students will be taught from a biblical, historical and personal approach. The textbook used is Jesus of Nazareth, published by Benjamin.

Morality and Peace and Justice - (11th Grade)

Morality is studied for one semester while the second semester course is Peace and Justice education.
Morality: The primary objective of this course is to help the students achieve a better awareness and understanding of the nature and meaning of Christian Morality, both generally and within a Catholic, Christian context. The course will assist students to make wiser and more loving moral judgments and to have a greater conviction to decide and to live according to their morals. This will be achieved through small group discussions, writing personal thoughts, guided meditations, lectures, quizzes and tests, speakers, audio-visual presentations, projects, and research papers. Students are required to complete fifty (50) hours of service to the community in answer to Jesus' call, "I have come to serve, not to be served." The textbook used is Deciding published by Brown.
Peace and Justice: The primary objective of this course is to help the students obtain a greater knowledge and awareness of the major problems of injustice in our society today. How we respond to these problems is our call as Catholic Christians. The textbook is Christian Justice - Sharing God's Goodness published by St. Mary's Press.

Christian Lifestyles - (12th Grade)

This course is designed to be a positive and worthwhile experience of "religion class" and all that it can be in terms of spiritual and personal growth. We strive to help the students gain a greater sense of Catholic Christian faith and a more active prayer life. Students are guided through a journey-like process with the intended result being a deeper relationship with God. Students learn through discussion, lecture, personal writings, quizzes, tests, quarterly exams and various activities or projects. Many topics concerning the future life of the student are covered through the Christian view. The textbook used is Creating a Christian Lifestyle published by St. Mary's Press. Topics covered include the following: Dreams & Goals, Communication, Love, Identity and Autonomy, Lifelong Learning, Dating, Marriage, and Religious Life. A strong effort is made to teach the students to "practice and live" the Gospel message of Jesus.

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