Cabrini High School

Caring Crescents Aid Their Country

Since the Terrorist Attack, Cabrini students have demonstrated their patriotism in various ways:

Theology classes went to the chapel to pray the rosary for all those affected by the Terrorist Attacks in New York, The Pentagon, and Pennsylvania.

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Contributions for
disaster relief
can be forwarded to:
Archdiocese of New Orleans
   Attn.: Relief Fund
   7887 Walmsley Avenue
   New Orleans, LA  70125-3496
Cabrini will host a blood drive on
October 31, 2001
to aid all of those in need. Please consider a donation.
Students and teachers wrote letters of support to workers at Cabrini Hosptal and Cabrini High in New York.
Theology students wrote letters of support to local police and firemen.
Art students are competing to design a T-shirt graphic depicting
patriotism, religion and peace.
Cabrini students and teachers held a prayer service around the flag pole.
The Theology Department
sold American flag pins
donating proceeds to the Red Cross.
The Vu family is providing eggrolls to be sold at lunch. Proceeds are donated to disaster relief.

Prayer by a Cabrini Student - Michelle R.

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Date updated: 9/26/01