Louisiana Studies

One of Cabrini High's more interesting assignments follows:

Who will be the 8th grade Miss Louisiana Parish this year?

1. Students are randomly assigned a parish to research and begin preparation for a presentation to their class, teachers, and judges. The student with the best presentation will be crowned Miss Louisiana Parish.

8th grade contestants

2. Their research is done in the library and over the Internet. Students report on the parish seat, the parish's products or industries, major cities and bodies of water, its historical significance, and other interesting facts.

Happy Runner-up

Mrs. Tucker crowns winner


3. Students deliver their report wearing a headpiece depicting the assigned parish, (featuring for example, its products, festivals, history, etc.), giving an oral presentation about it, and utilizing a visual aid, such as a poster.

Who wins the crown?

4. A panel of judges chosen from Cabrini staff and administration rate each contestant using a rubric prepared by the teacher, Mrs. Helene Tucker. The winner is crowned Miss Louisiana Parish and reigns all school year.

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Date Updated: 2/29/00