Our God Is Alive

Basis=Rom 8
(credits to Joe M. Chesser)

(1) Back in the 60's a new theology arose..."God is Dead".
(2) "The movement is essentially a rebellion against God-
given law and morals", Allen Killen (Wycliff Ency. Vol
I, pg 693)
-- Nietzsche, Altizer, Tillich, Bultmann major
-- "Situation Ethics" arose with this (anything can be
right in a given situation..murder, lying, adultery,
stealing, etc)
(3) Although the "God is Dead" theology began in the 60's,
the problem has always been with us.
-- the basic problem: idolatry
-- anytime we put something between us and God, to us
God is dead.
-- Adam and Eve put lust of flesh (self-satisfaction)
-- Israelites made golden idols (God left them)
-- Modern man...scientific technology..(self-
dependency) humanism.
-- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn article excerpts: "I have
spent well-nigh 50 years working on the history of
the Russian Revolution; in the process I have
collected hundreds of personal testimonies, read
hundreds of books, and contributed eight volumes of
my own. But if I were asked today to formulate as
concisely as possible the main cause of the ruinous
revolution that swallowed up some 60 million of our
people, I could not put it more accurately than to
repeat: "Men have forgotten God" "What is more, if
I were called upon to identify the principal trait of
the entire 20th century, I would be unable to find
anything more precise than to reflect once again on
how we have lost touch with our Creator."
(4) The results of a dead god is destruction (every time)
-- Adam driven out of garden
-- Israelites...slavery
-- scientific man...war; higher crime rate; lower moral
standard (lower morality and dead God go hand in
note: items "--" above - God no longer ruling force
-- Communism will someday be destroyed
(5) I doubt that any of us believe God is dead (who does?)
-- then why don't our lives show He is living? (some
do, most don't)
-- if God is not living and active in our lives...then
dead. (Moses' face glowed with God's presence)
(6) Let's show the world that OUR GOD IS ALIVE!, Jer 10:6-
(7) The Living God wants us to live for Him...He will help
-- study vs from Rom 8
-- 8 times life, live or quicken appears in this
-- let's see what our living God will do for us.

I. Our Living God Gives Us Life and Peace

(1) Rom 8:1,2 - A dead God can't give anything,
especially life.
-- in Christ no fear of spiritual death (set free)
-- First ask: "are you "in Christ"? How get into
(1) set your mind on God, Rom 8:5-8
(2) baptized into Christ, Rom 6:1-11
-- Jesus' peace is different from world, John 14:27
(2) Christ's resurrection guarentees our life, Rom 8:11

II. Our Living God Gives Us Direction

(1) "not in man that walks to direct his steps", Jer
(2) "God is Dead", communism, socialism, humanism are
all attempts for man to direct himself (Aleksandr
Solzhenitsyn excepts from article #2: "It was
Dostoyevsky, once again, who said of the French
Revolution and its seething hatred of the church that
"revolution must necessarily begin with athesim". But
the world had never before known a godlessness as
organized, militarized and tenaciously malevolent as
that practiced by Marxism. Within the philosophical
system of Marx and Lenin, and at the heart of their
psychology, hatred of God is the principle driving
force, militant atheism a central pivot. To achieve
its end, communism needs to control a population
devoid of religious feeling." "All attempts to find
a way out of the plight of today's world are fruitless
unless we redirect our consciousness, in repentance, to
the Creator of all. The laws of physics and physiology
will never reval the indisputable manner in which the
Creator constantly participates in the life of each of
(3) Rom 8:12-14
-- "by the Spirit" put to death immorality
-- "led by the Spirit" ... will lead to God, not away
-- Our God is Alive...let Him lead you
(4) Where God leads is not always smooth or even
reasonable; different from world.

III. Our Living God Helps Us Pray

(1) Rom 8:26,27
(2) Our weakness is we don't know how to pray!
(3) But God will help us according to His will
-- His will is that we pray with faith, Mk 11:23,24
-- the Spirit will intercede for us
-- the Spirit will search our hearts (to look for
(4) There would be no sense to prayer if God were not

IV. Our Living God Causes All Things To Work For Our Good!

(1) Rom 8:28
(2) A dead god cannot cause anything to happen, I Kin
(3) But our God can cause things to happen, I Kin
-- how? I don't know...or care to know
-- His providence will lead us...He has promised,
and He is faithful
(4) God causes things to work for good..never evil.
(5) Briefly refer to Joseph's seemingly disasters,
turned to good, Gen 50:20
(6) To what do you attribute your good fortune (health,
job, etc)?

V. Our Living God Will Give Us All Things.

(1) Rom 8:31,32 - What will He give
(2) Salvation; financial resources; protection; heaven
(3) Again, how could a dead God give us anything
(4) Maybe the reason we haven't had success in the past
is because our God was dead! (to us), Mt 6:33

(1) Rom 8:35-39
(2) Are you letting the creation come between you and the
(3) What is holding you back from serving the Living God?
(4) Can you say with David...Ps 42:1-2 (deep parts for
flowing water)
(5) Our God is Able to do so much for us...let's get out
of His way and allow Him to use us to His glory.
(6) If you've been denying our living God access to your
life, give in to Him right now.
repent of your sins,
confess His great name
be baptized to wash away all sin.

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