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Focus Area: Technology

Members of Compact Six are involved in several educational technology initiatives affecting the region.

Related Technology Sites.

  1. America Links Up.

    "America Links Up: A Kids Online Teach-In is a public awareness and education campaign sponsored by a broad-based coalition of non-profits, education groups, and corporations concerned with providing children with a safe and rewarding experience online. This site contains a number of valuable resources for parents and kids."

  2. Louisiana Association of Computer Using Educators (LACUE).

    "LACUE is an organization consisting of progressive, creative, and innovative individuals who are interested in technology and its relationship with the educational process. These individuals include teachers, administrators, parents, students, support staff, vendors, and other concerned citizens who share a common vision and wish to improve education through the use of technology."

  3. Louisiana Center for Educational Technology (Louisiana Department of Education).

  4. Louisiana's Educational Technology Resource Center (Louisiana Public Broadcasting).

    "Louisiana's Statewide Educational Technology Clearinghouse."

  5. Louisiana Resource Center for Educators (Non-Profit).

    "The goal of the Louisiana Resource Center for Educators is to enhance learning for children by providing exciting training for teachers, administrators, and home school families."

  6. SouthEast and Islands Regional Technology in Education Consortium (SEIR*TEC).

    "SEIR*TEC's mission is to encourage and support placement of technology in all classrooms for all learners across grade levels and to ensure that technology is an effective tool for successful learning."

  7. South Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium (SCR*TEC).

    "The SCR*TEC mission is to help teachers and other educators create, share, or find solutions to problems they encounter when integrating technology into education. Use our free site to network with other teachers, learners, and planners through a unique system supporting collaboration and resource sharing."

  8. U.S. Department of Education, Office of Technology.