Greater New Orleans Folk Society

Contra Dancing in New Orleans


The GNOFS is currently without leadership and consequently is not sponsoring any activities at this time. This site is being maintained to direct folks to sites where current dance activities in this region are being publicized, and to provide an already established site for revival of the GNOFS when the time comes. If you would like to see events such as Contra, Square, & Circle Dancing revived in the New Orleans area then contact organizers at the SE Louisiana Barn Dance Association for more information.


The SE Louisiana Barn Dance Association has been established to enable the growth of "Barn Dances" and related activities in our region. This is being done by facilitating communication between dancers, organizers, and sponsoring institutions to ensure that folks interested in these activities will be able to find out how they can attend or participate in these events.


There are efforts currently being made to establish regular Contra Dances in this region. Visit the sites below to find out more about what is being done.


Visit the SELABDA Website to learn about what they do.

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We hope you will be able to visit one of our other area dances!