About the Westbank Wrestling Club.

The WWC is a non-profit organization dedicated to the purpose of promoting the sport of wrestling and to provide the opportunity for experiencing the benefits of such a disciplined sport.

The WWC is located on the WESTBANK of the Mighty Mississippi River from the Great City of New Orleans.

We have been established since April 2,1992.

We currently hold practice at John Ehret High School located at 4300 Patriot St., Marrero, Louisiana.

Our ages consist of kids ranging from 5 years old to 18.

Practices are held two nights a week beginning the first week of March and ending in June.

Online since November 8, 1998.

Goals of the Westbank Wrestling Club
to give kids an opportunity to participate in wrestling
to increase the professionalism of wrestling coaches
to help publicize the sport of wrestling
to have available a resource of wrestling materials
to award outstanding wrestlers

How to get Involved.

There are 3 ways you can help be part of The Westbank Wrestling Club.

Join the Club.

  1. Learn the sport of wrestling.
  2. Compete in tournaments.
  3. Attend a wrestling camp.
  4. Become more self disciplined.
  5. Get in excellent condition.
  6. Gain self esteem.
  7. Meet friends.

Volunteer as a Coach.

  1. Give back to the sport.
  2. Help kids.
  3. Get satisfaction.

Donate money to help us.

  1. Order ESPN the Magazine. Get 52 issues for only $40.00. Check it out!
  2. The Westbank Wrestling Club is a non profit organization as recognized by the IRS under section 501(c)(4).
  3. Any amount can help us help kids.
  4. Contact me at westbankwrestling@hotmail.com for more information.